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WordPress IDX Real Estate Websites Features:

  • Agent-owned Custom WordPress IDX websites
  • Portal-Style IDX Home Search
  • Set-up For Paid Search (PPC)
  • Best-in-Class Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Optimized For Lead Generation.

Want to get familar with our Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Websites?

Here’s how our Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Websites Stack Up:

One thing you’ll notice in the world of real estate websites is that the most visited real estate websites on the internet all have a similar look and feel. Realtor.com, Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, Coldwell Banker, Remax, Keller Williams (KW). They all basically look the same. That’s because, betwen them, these guys have spent hundreds of millions of dollars building and optimizing a real estate website to figure out how to generate the most leads. After all, these are lead generation platforms; as they sell their leads to agents. Either in exchange for a fee, or in the case of the latter three, in exchange for commission from their agents’ homesales, as real estate brokerage. Something Zillow is becoming.

Since millions of consumers visit the top real estate websites every month are familar with this format it makes for a better visitor experience (more usuable website). Everything should be where a user expects it to be – this is the theme of the site. It is much like the theme of a car – you fundamentally know your way around it without having to think or look too much.

Visually Stunning Homepage with Depth

Big picture in the back, search box in the middle.

The theme of all of our sites is: Stunning Visuals. We start with a great vivid picture with lots of depth that brings the visitors experience close to home.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Portal-style IDX Home Search

You’ll notice some major similaries betwen our websites and Zillow. As the most visited real estate website on the internet, Zillow know a thing-or-two about home search, after all, 36 Million people use theirs every month.

We call this portal-style IDX home search, and why wouldn’t you want to offer your visitors the very best in search?

Agent-owned real estate websites

Custom Written Content

Our real estate websites design process as straight forward as possible for you. For more than 15 years we have been building real estate websites with IDX, and we learned a long time ago that the process goes a lot faster if we provide everything you need.

We craft all content, and license all images on your behalf – at least the first draft of it. This way you can take an editorial position in the process and just let us know what you would like to see changed.

This enables us to ask you for the minimum amount of information possible and keep our process nice and efficient – we aim for 7-10 days to get one of our custom workdpress real estate websites with idx online.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website About Page

Community Content

One of the favorite features of our custom idx real estate websites are the community pages. We ask you for 8-12 communities that you do business in. Then we craft some SEO introductary text and create a community page for each.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website Santa Barbara

Demographic Information

Our community pages include all sorts of demographic information; this can include median home values, walkability, age, gender, and school inforamtion.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website Community Page

Data-driven Real Estate Market Reports

In addition to the write-up we use MLS data to produce some nicely formatted charts and diagrams which focus on a number of key metrids, including: Days on market, list-to-sale price, inventory, pricing trends.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website Market Report

Neighborhood Sales Data

The sales data is also great for your past clients. It enables them to see how the value of their home may be trending month-over-month.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website Market Report

New Listings & Recent Sales

Additionally, if they are have friends or family that might be looking to move into the neighborhood, all new listings that have come on the market in the last 30 days are shown. As well as recent sales; because, everyone wants to know what the home down the street sold for.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website Property Gallery

Reports Delivered By Email

The best part, is that you can sign-up your prospects and past clients to their respective neighborhood; or, they can themselves. They will receive an email on the first day of every month showing all of the detail in the report as shown above.

This generates you a lead upon sign-up; provides you a touchpoint every month to your prospects, and gives them a useful report detailing a ton of information about their investment.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website - Email Updates Signup

Feature Your Agents

If you are a team or a brokerage we can feature your agents and conact information. We can grab their pictures and contact information from your existing website.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Testimonials Pulled Automatically

We have some great tools for managing your testinominals. One thing we’re big on is keeping maintenance and updating to a minium after the site is launched. If you use Zillow for testimonials then those can be imported into the site automatically. We can even select only to show 5-star reviews on the website.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Custom Contact Pages

Your contact page can have all of the information you need on it. If you have multiple offices, that’s not a problem. The contact page on your real estate website will also feature a contact form that will send you an email. This can be programmed to drop the data into any CRM system that you use aswell. If you’re looking for a real estate crm with text messaging – check out iMaxCRM.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Listing Galleries By Community

Each of the community pages we create for you is also programmed to display listings for sale in that community.

You can use this setup for Google PPC (Google Ads pay-per-click). Home for sale in Santa Barbara would land the visitor on the gallery page of active listings in Santa Barbara, such as below.

When a visitor clicks on one of the properties for more inforamtion they are then in-turn asked to register their contact information, so you get the lead.

We see an average of 1/10 visitors to a listing gallery page converting into a lead. Want more leads? You just need more traffic.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Recent Sales Gallery by Community

We can also show the homes that have sold in each of your featured communities in the same gallery format. If it sold for a a price different to what it was listed for the listing price and sold price will be shown; a useful data point.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Commercial Real Estate Capable

If you also sell commercial real estate we can enable commercial property search on your website.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Content For Commercial Real Estate

We build commercial real estate websites to; so, if you are a hybrid residential/commercial agent, we can build you a section within the site for your commercial clients.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Content For Property Management

We also build property managment websites; so, if property management is part of your repotouis then we can build you sections for both your owners and tenants.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Property Management Rental Search

We can automate your renatl listings. Just manage your listing through the MLS and your website will automatically update the listings.

If you use a property mangement solution, such as Appfolio, we can integrate your website with that system.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Seller Marketing Plan

Do you have a specific listing marketing plan? We can build you a set of pages that detail your listing plan in detail.

Check out this Real Estate Marketing Plan

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Virtual Showing/Tours

Matterport, 3D, virtual tours; no matter what the format we can include all things virtual into your website. If you list a property with a virtual tour, it will be automatically imported into your website from the MLS listing.

We can also offer virtual showings through your website.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

Buyer Services

Sell your services to prospective buyers. We’ll build you a page to accompany the buyer search tools; search engine optimized, of course.

Custom WordPress IDX Real Estate Website

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