Why A Real Estate Recruiting Plan is Essential (VIDEO)

In this video I explain to you why a real estate recruiting plan is essential to your success in real estate recruiting real estate agents.

As a real estate broker, your clients are your agents and your agents, clients are the buyers and sellers.

I’m sure you’ve done a transactional too in your time. And that obviously involves some marketing, some follow up things like that.

I would say that recruiting requires more followup and more consistency than it does to just attract a regular client. It’s said that a lead requires an average minimum of seven touches. With recruiting, it probably a little more than that.

In my opinion, I believe this figure is something more like 14 touches.

A level of consistency is required to build the confidence necessary in recruiting a real estate agent – and giving them the confidence in your real estate company or brand to move move their business under your umbrella..

First of all, you want to attract the right people. This starts, at the basic level, by figuring out what your objective is, who you are as a real estate brand, and what are you here to accomplish as a real estate brokerage or team.

The goal doesn’t have to be saving the planet, but if it you have some sort of discount scheme, if it still offers some flexibility to the agent, if it’s to offer some additional services to the homeowner. Basically, what’s the brands purpose. What’s the purpose of the business?, you know, outside of just making money

Next comes the employing broker brand, as we call it. Employer branding is a thing in corporate America.

When recruiting real estate agents to your brokerage or team, you want to develop the culture.

You want to have the right people as this will attract more of the right people.

If you’re looking for some assistance in recruiting real esate agents to your team or brokerage then our real estate agent recruiting program might be a good fit for you.

Please schedule a real estate agent recruiting consultation with my team, we’ll sit down for 30 minutes and develop a strategy for recruiting the right real estate agents for your brokerage.

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