Realtor Recruiting: How I Recruited 120 Agents In A Year

Realtor Recruiting: Build it, and they will come. Yeah right. In this article I explain my Realtor Recruiting program and how I recruited 120 agents in 12 months. In 2009, I started a boutique real estate brokerage in Sacramento, California, with one of our clients. She had just upgraded her Salesperson license to a Broker license, and She was looking to leave Prudential, and open her own shop. I was looking for a testing ground for new real estate marketing tactics. So, we gave it a go. I would run the marketing, and she would run the real estate side of the business. We believed that agents would join us because we were influential and well known. We thought if we opened a brokerage they would all contact us wanting to work with us. Well, they didn’t. And at the end of the first year, we were at roughly the same agent count as we were the day we opened. My partner said to me, “We need to recruit some more agents, and me cold calling them, or ‘wining and dining‘ them just isn’t working. I need you to put a marketing campaign together to generate some interest.” “Where do I start with this?” I thought to myself. The key to success here was to give the offering a voice of it’s own. I started with consideration of what attracted our existing agents and engineered the brand from there. - Flat Fee – 100% Commission with $49.99/month fee. $495 Transaction Fee + $120 Document Archival Fee. - Traditional – 80/20 Commission Split – No Monthly Fees, No other fees. - In-house Leads – Given to agents in exchange for a 30% (Off-the-Top, Only available to Traditional Agents). - in CRM - Transaction Management – For contracts files, had to be used in order for agent to get paid - Transaction Coordination – Available in-house for a fee. Document Archival Fee waitved if agent used our TC. - REO Listings – Available to agents to hold open (or sell) - Investment Properties – Flip properties I owned that agents could hold open (or sell) I took all of the above and build a recruiting website to demonstrate and explain the offering in depth. The idea was that everything an agent needed to know was on the website, and the offering itself was simple, diverse, and compelling. Book a free consultation at

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