How Our Real Estate Agent Recruiting Program Works

Our Real Estate Agent Recruiting Program uses a combination of Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

I used this exact Realtor recruiting strategy to hire a solid 10+ agents per month to a brokerage I set up to test marketing strategies. It worked so well I ended up selling the brokerage with 125 agents after just two years.

The Real Estate Recruiting Marketing Campaign

Getting The Word Out

I used the following channels for my Realtor Recruiting Campaign:

Realtor Recruiting by Email Marketing

My secret weapon, since I started my first Real Estate Website Design company back in 2004, has been my email database. In the beginning I would spend my evenings, and weekends copying and pasting the contact information of agents from the roster page of their brokerage websites.

In 2006, we were involved in building the first iteration of websites. Using Wolfnet IDX we build out agent websites for Keller Willilams agents. From here a number of data partnerships grew, and eventually, with access to data from over 400 MLS systems nationwide, we maintain a comprehensive database of almost every real estate agent in the United States.

Finally, I put together a HTML email flyer with the sole purpose of driving traffic to my real estate recruiting website. This email was then blasted out an email to the, then, 8,500 real estate agents in the Sacramento Metrolist MLS.

Then, WHAM! The new agent sign-ups just started flowing in!

Realtor Recruiting on Social Media Platforms

Across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram I created a set of ads, similar to the email, to drive brand reinforcement and traffic to the website. If they didn’t see the email, or if they unsubscribed from the email, they would still see my ads on every social media channel.

Then, I created an audience for my ads that said show it to anyone within the Metro area with the job title Realtor, Real Estate Salesperson, and a bunch of other criteria.

Finally, to really hit ’em hard, I uploaded my list of 8,500+ Salespersons within Sacramento Metrolist MLS to Facebook and said show any of these people all my ads, as often as possible.

Real Estate Recruiting Program Pricing

Our pricing is simple, and month-to-month without contract, as follows:

Platform Fee: $250 per month (month-to-month)
Ad-spend: $0 – Unlimited (Recommended $250 per month)

Expected Results

Results vary from market to market; however, we typically see a cost of $10 per lead, so a recommended monthly Ad-spend could get you around 25 Realtors who complete a CTA (call to action) – such as filling out a form.

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