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Learn how to access your MarketBoost™ Market page links so you can feature them on your website and share them via social media, email campaigns or online ads.

To engage your site visitors and encourage new drip email signups, your MarketBoost pages such as Listing Reports, Open House Reports, and Market Reports should be easily found on your site.

Draw Attention

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Clearly state what information is available and how it will help prospective buyers and sellers
  • Consider using eye-catching graphics that encourage visitors to click through to your Market pages 
  • Remind visitors they can sign up for automated email notifications and reports in the Markets that interest them

Linking to MarketBoost Market Pages

You can use either one or a combination of these two approaches to bring site visitors to your Market pages.

1) Provide a single link to one of your Market pages. 

Once visitors are viewing a Market page, they can navigate to any other Market that you can have created if you have the Markets navigation menu enabled. 

 Learn how to enable the Markets navigation menu >>

2) Provide individual links to each of your Market pages. 

This option is useful if you'd prefer to provide direct links to each of your Market pages. 


Copying Your Market Page Links

1) First, you'll need to create a Market in your IDX control panel. Learn how >>

2) Click on View Page under the Links column located to the right of any of the Markets you have created.

3) Select any of the three pages: Listing Report, Open Homes or Market Report.

4) Copy the link once the page is displayed.

Alternatively, you can click on View Page, then right-click (control-click on Mac) on one of the page titles and choose "Copy link address".

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