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Real Estate PPC

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Real Estate PPC

PPC Keywords for Real Estate

If you’re in the real estate business, you know how important it is to have a strong online presence. One of the most effective ways

Real Estate PPC

What is a Real Estate SKAG?

CHEM’s Real Estate PPC program uses what are called “Single Keyword Ad Groups” or SKAG. Have you ever wondered why your Google Ads Buyer or

Generate Unlimited Real Estate Seller Leads
Real Estate Lead Generation

Unlimited Real Estate Seller Leads

Are you generating enough Seller Leads to support your real estate business? Here’s how you can generate unlimited real estate seller leads, anywhere! Do you

Real Estate Lead Generation

Seller Lead Landing Pages

Here’s a video overview of the Real Estate Seller Lead Landing Pages from You can team up our seller lead landing pages with any

Real Estate Lead Generation

How to use Facebook for Real Estate Advertising

Facebook can be a powerful lead generation tool for real estate agents and brokers. And that’s understandable. Of Facebook’s billions of active monthly users, more

Targeting Baby boomers with paid ads
Real Estate Marketing

Targeting Baby Boomers With Paid Ads 2021

Targeting baby boomers may seem like an afterthought when you put together the target audience for your paid marketing campaigns, but they still hold a

Targeting Generation X With Paid Ads
Real Estate Lead Generation

Targeting Generation X With Paid Ads 2021

Finding new audiences to target is a constant challenge for marketers. If you’ve never tried marketing for Generation X, you could be missing out on

targeting generation z with paid ads - group of friends
Real Estate Lead Generation

Targeting Generation Z With Paid Ads 2021

Because the oldest Gen Zers are reaching an age where they can make their own purchasing decisions, you have a whole new audience you can

Google SERP Real Estate SEO
Real Estate Lead Generation

A Guide to Google SERPs For Real Estate SEO

The Google SERPs (search engine results pages) are the listings you see whenever you type a query into a search engine. Knowing the layout of the

facebook messenger marketing for real estate
Real Estate Lead Generation

Facebook Messenger Marketing For Real Estate

Your real estate ads on Facebook face some pretty stiff competition. Email drip campaigns work great, but you’re still only getting a fraction of your

How To Get Real Estate Clients in 2021
Real Estate CRM

Getting Real Estate Clients in 2021

Here are the top ways real estate agents got clients in 2020 and how they plan to get real estate clients in 2021. Getting Real

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