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Real Estate Text Messaging Scripts

Real Estate Text Messaging Scripts

In this article I am giving you real estate text messaging scripts that work. Getting leads to raise their hands via texts is as simple

Real Estate ISA Training (Tips + A Video)

Real Estate ISA Training (Tips + Video)

Effectively Training a real estate ISA to handle inbound leads requires a system. It is not as easy as, “Just start calling!” Here are my five key elements to creating a scalable Real Estate ISA sales system:

real estate CRM features -

Real Estate CRM Features

A solid Real Estate CRM with all of the features you need to operate should be at the heart of your real estate business. Here

Real Estate CRM with Text Messaging -

Real Estate CRM with Text Messaging

iMax Real Estate CRM with Text Messaging is arguably the best on the market in regards to price and features. Drip Text, Video, Email; Dialer,.and

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Introducing The Lab (+Video)

At we’re here to help you work faster and smarter and stay ahead of what’s next in real estate marketing. We’ve launched the Lab to help us best serve your needs.

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