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real estate lead generation ideas for 2022
Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2022

Real estate lead generation is constantly evolving. Many agents are looking for new and innovative real estate lead generation strategies in addition to Facebook advertising.

best real estate logos
Real Estate Marketing

The Best Real Estate Logos of 2021

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, building a brand that stands out is more important than ever. Great real estate logos are fast

Survive In Real Estate
Real Estate Lead Generation

How To Survive In Real Estate

I know many agents who consistently clear seven figures in gross commission income (GCI) annually after only a few years in the business. Their secret? They

real estate farming

Real Estate Farming FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about real estate farming. Real Estate Farming Frequently Asked Questions Conclusion: Real Estate Farming

Real Estate Hashtags
Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Hashtags

In this blog post, I’m going to give you the best real estate hashtags to use for your real estate social media posts. I’ll also

Facebook Real Estate Ad Examples
Real Estate Marketing

Facebook Real Estate Ad Examples

Advertising on Facebook can prove lucrative for your real estate firm, but it’s not without its hurdles. Here’s three Facebook Real Estate Ad Examples where

digital accessability ada audioeye
Real Estate Websites

Digital Accessibility is Coming To is excited to announce a new partnership with AudioEye, the industry-leading digital accessibility provider. Under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, websites

open house email templates
Real Estate CRM

Open House Follow-up Email Templates

The secret to writing follow-up emails that convert is to give leads something they want and make it easy for them to get it from

real estate leads with bad phone numbers
Real Estate CRM

Handling Real Estate Leads With Bad Phone Numbers

“All my leads have bad phone numbers!” Stop right there! Don’t throw them in the trash just yet. Change your perspective—from “bad leads” to massive opportunities! In

real estate slogan
Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Slogans & Real Estate Taglines

Effective real estate slogans and real estate taglines define your brand and communicate your real estate value proposition in four words or fewer. When it

real estate virtual assistant
The Business of Real Estate

Tips For Hiring A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Most producing agents struggle when their business reaches a certain level, and starts plateauing. They can’t figure out how to scale. This is when they

real estate lead generation strategy
Real Estate CRM

Real Estate Lead Generation Strategy

When it comes to real estate lead generation strategy, agents often fall into a binary way of thinking. “There are real estate seller leads and

Real Estate Seller Lead Ideas
Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Seller Lead Ideas

Listings are king in this market. Here are my top real estate lead generation ideas for 2021 that generate real estate seller leads and listings!

free real estate leads
Real Estate IDX

How To Get Free Real Estate Leads in 2021

An easy way that you can start to generate free real estate leads is by simply creating and optimizing community pages on your website. While

local real estate seo
Real Estate Lead Generation

Local Real Estate SEO Domination in 2021

When it kicks in, Local Real Estate SEO is an unbelievable win for your real estate business. This is the day you begin to get

Real Estate ISA Training (Tips + A Video)
Real Estate CRM

Real Estate ISA Training 2021 (Tips + Video)

Effectively Training a real estate ISA to handle inbound leads requires a system. It is not as easy as, “Just start calling!” Here are my five key elements to creating a scalable Real Estate ISA sales system:

Real Estate Marketing

The Difference Between Branding & Marketing

What I’ve noticed from my years of experience in online marketing is that you probably think branding involves the following: ● Logos, color schemes, and

Real Estate Lead Generation

How to use Facebook for Real Estate Advertising

Facebook can be a powerful lead generation tool for real estate agents and brokers. And that’s understandable. Of Facebook’s billions of active monthly users, more

Millennial Marketing
Real Estate Lead Generation

The Ultimate Guide To Millennial Marketing 2021

Millennials are a group with many supposed characteristics (lazy, narcissistic, open-minded, supportive). So how do you position millennial marketing? Howe and Strauss said that millennials are

Targeting Baby boomers with paid ads
Real Estate Marketing

Targeting Baby Boomers With Paid Ads 2021

Targeting baby boomers may seem like an afterthought when you put together the target audience for your paid marketing campaigns, but they still hold a

Targeting Generation X With Paid Ads
Real Estate Lead Generation

Targeting Generation X With Paid Ads 2021

Finding new audiences to target is a constant challenge for marketers. If you’ve never tried marketing for Generation X, you could be missing out on

targeting generation z with paid ads - group of friends
Real Estate Lead Generation

Targeting Generation Z With Paid Ads 2021

Because the oldest Gen Zers are reaching an age where they can make their own purchasing decisions, you have a whole new audience you can

Google SERP Real Estate SEO
Real Estate Lead Generation

A Guide to Google SERPs For Real Estate SEO

The Google SERPs (search engine results pages) are the listings you see whenever you type a query into a search engine. Knowing the layout of the

best real estate ads 2021
Real Estate Lead Generation

The Best Performing Real Estate Ads of 2021

Are your real estate ads performing? Are they adding to your GCI? You might be getting leads, but are you getting potential buyers? Are your

women in real estate
The Business of Real Estate

#IWD2021 The History Of Women In Real Estate

Happy International Womens Day, 2021 from myself, and everyone here at Here’s a little history of women in real estate. If you didn’t already

Real Estate SEO vs.Real Estate SEO vs. Real Estate PPC Real Estate PPC
Real Estate IDX

Real Estate SEO or Real Estate PPC 2021

With 2021 starting to take shape, we are spending a lot of time talking about real estate SEO (search engine optimization). Specifically, when/if it is

real estate hashtags
Real Estate Lead Generation

Hashtags for Real Estate 2021

In this Blog, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about real estate hastags, in plain English. Additionally, I’ll go over

linkedin real estate leads
Real Estate Lead Generation

Generating LinkedIn Real Estate Leads

LinkedIn is designed for business, unlike social media platforms. LinkedIn is a great place to generate real estate leads. Many real estate agents seem to

ada compliant real estate websites
Real Estate Websites

ADA Compliant Real Estate Website Design

Attorneys have started sending letters to independent brokerages who’s website does not have functionality for people with disabilites. Is your real estate website accessible to

how to get real estate leads from instagram
Real Estate Lead Generation

How To Get Real Estate Leads From Instagram

Getting real estate leads from Instagram involves a tricky combination of promotion and relationship building. Here are my tips for growing your real estate brand

How To Get Real Estate Clients in 2021
Real Estate CRM

Getting Real Estate Clients in 2021

Here are the top ways real estate agents got clients in 2020 and how they plan to get real estate clients in 2021. Getting Real

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