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Recruiting Real Estate Agents Takes More Than Money
The Business of Real Estate

How Much Monday Do You Waste?

How much money or opportunity cost to you waste each day? Coffee Run $1,277: What you would save annually if you didn’t spend $3.50 daily

Real Estate Signing Bonus
Real Estate Recruiting

How to Compete with Big Signing Bonuses

The competition is heating up in real estate. Inventory is tight, agents are competitive, and brokerages are desperately trying to recruit. With a new generation

Agent on laptop
The Business of Real Estate

Take control and refocus your business

Take control and refocus your business as the industry (and the world) is going through a major shift. Just because there has been a change

Real Estate Slogans & Taglines
The Business of Real Estate

Real Estate Slogans & Taglines

Real Estate Slogans & Taglines can help set you apart from the crowd. Sure, your logo was designed by a pro, your website looks amazing,

Gmail Logo on iPhone Real Estate Email Marketing
Real Estate Email Marketing

Real Estate Email Marketing Tips 2021

When it comes to real estate email marketing, real estate agents actually have an advantage. What other industry gets new, local inventory that changes daily,

Real Estate Recruiting

Top Real Estate Business Priorities For 2021

We spoke to 120 top-tier brokers to learn what their top real estate business priorities for 2020 were. Of that 96%, an overwhelming majority identified

Real Estate Recruiting Career Website
Real Estate Recruiting

Real Estate Recruiting Website

We map our real estate recruiting career websites to your branding with a foundation based in transferring value to your prospects through business building tools

Real Estate Recruiting

Adding Productive Agents To Your Brokerage

Adding productive agents to your brokerage will result in increased sales volume. To recuit effectively must have a strong employing broker brand that tells your

iMax Real Estate CRM on iMac
Real Estate CRM

What is the best real estate CRM?

What is the best real estate CRM? CRM is a process, not a tool. If the CRM process is broken then no tool will help.

Home Valuation Landing Page Screenshot
Real Estate Lead Generation

Generate Real Estate Seller Leads

Market your listing skills with home valuation landings pages to generate qualified real estate seller leads and nurture them with automated follow-up. Accurately valuing homes

Redfin Home Valuation Landing Page
Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Landing Pages That Convert

Your Website Homepage Isn’t Enough: You Need Real Estate Landing Pages Have you looked at your Facebook or Google analytics for the ads you’re running

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