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The Skyscraper SEO Technique Applied To Real Estate Websites.

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The 5-Steps to Using “The Skyscraper Technique Applied to Real Estate Hot Sheets” To Get Quality Links and Targeted Traffic

There are 5 steps to the Real Estate Skyscraper Technique for Hot Sheets.

Steps that make up the Real Estate Skyscraper Technique for Hot Sheets:

Step 1: Find link-worthy content

Step 2: Make something even better

Step 3: Embed IDX search results using a modern IDX that renders MLS data as native content

Step 4: Write additional blog content that highlights the local community, businesses, and events that are relevant to that hot sheet.

Step 5: Reach out to the right people.

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Step #1: Find Proven Link-Worthy Assets

We’re not meaning click-bait like “12 Things Batman Likes about Gotham”. 

We mean quality content that people want to share on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and send via email to their family or friends. Or even log into their own website/blog and link to your content from their website.

We know how to right content that is a success and not a flop.

That’s easy: find content that already ranks well or generates a ton of links.

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Step #2: We Make Something Even Better

Next we build a content page that is 3x – 10x better than any other piece of content out there.

This is how we take any existing content we find online and your previous content and make something better:


There will be times when writing and publishing content that is simply longer will allow you to rank. 

Your goal, though, should be to create the best piece of content a
potential searcher could ever hope to create on the topic while
searching for a home. 

I did this when creating my 17 Common Real Estate Website Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)
article. The first 5 were easy, 6 – 11 were hard, and 12 – 17 were
really difficult to pick…and then I knew that not every agent would take
the time to read all of them, so we filmed a video walking through all of them

It took multiple pots of coffee and I don’t know how many retakes of the video…

…but in the end, I had something that was clearly better than anything else out there.

As you saw in the Google Analytics charts from one of the real estate
sites that applied this technique, the results for hot sheets and agent
websites is the same…

…and I’ve seen it repeatedly applied with success by agents willing to do the work.

More Up-To-Date 

If you can find old content and update it with recent content, you’ll have a winner.

For example, if you find a bunch of search results written about your
hot sheet area 5 – 10 years ago, they will lack important information

Create something that covers many of the same points…but update it with the newest local content and links.

Better Designed

As I’ve now analyzed thousands of real estate websites and the
content that ranks for pages those agents want to rank for, I’ve noticed
how much of the currently ranking content is written with large bulky
paragraphs, uses outdated design techniques, or displays IDX data with
iFrames and subdomains.


Frequently, using more modern writing styles, adding images and
videos, and using embeddable modern home search tools creates a visually
stunning piece of content that can generate a lot more links and social
shares than something similar on an ugly, outdated website.

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Step 3: Embed IDX Search Results Using a Modern IDX

Create a saved search and embed the search results and map on the hot sheet using a modern IDX, like Showcase IDX.

Outdated IDXs will use subdomains, javascript, and iFrames. Some have claimed to have updated to help with SEO by using “fast, sleek property search with advanced lead capture technology” but if you have an SEO expert inspect the code, you’ll find iFrames and code that at best may not hurt your rankings but definitely will not help it. 

Your goal should be to write a minimum of 500 – 1500 words of original content for each hot sheet. 

Put the first few hundred words above the IDX search results with the goal of providing your visitors instant value when they visit your page. 

If you’re building a hot sheet targeting buyers, they’re looking for homes in the area, so give them what they want relatively quickly.

AFTER the search results, continue with the additional content you have on the area: descriptions of the area, amenities if it’s in an HOA/Condo/Co-op, videos, links to other related content on your blog, links to local points of interest, etc.

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Step 4: Write Related Blogs

Often when you’re doing the work to create truly standout content for your hot sheets, you’ll come up topics that would make for incredible blog posts: 



  • local events
  • hiking trails or parks that are nearby
  • school calendars
  • great restaurants within a few minutes
  • etc. 

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Step #5: Reach Out to The Right People

Email outreach is the linchpin of any Skyscraper Technique.

It’s similar to standard link building (i.e. link begging) but with two HUGELY important differences.

As a real estate agent though, you have two people to reach out to:

  1. your past clients and
  2. your local partners.

Past Clients

If you’ve written one or more blog posts in Step #4, these will be useful to your past and current clients. Send them a newsletter or email blast with your latest article. 

They will appreciate the local information…remember, this is content about the community, not about homes you’re selling, recently sold, etc. It should be content that is useful to them, not to help you close a current open transaction. 

Many people have blogs today, and almost everyone has a social account. If your content is useful, not “salesy”, they’ll share it without you even having to ask. 

Local Partners

Your local partners (e.g. mortgage brokers, home inspectors, general contractors, insurance providers, etc.) are all longing for useful content to provide as resources on their websites, include in their newsletters, and share on social.

Rember, this is about quality, not quantity. 

You want to send personalized emails to your partners telling them about your new hot sheet (or article) and asking them to link to it from their site or share it.

If you want to go above and beyond, use Canva to create a co-branded social media share graphic for them and include it in the email…if your broker allows you do that kind of branding.

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