Real Estate Website Design Trends for 2021

real estate website design trends -

Real Estate Website Design Trends are constantly evolving.

Here are the real estate web design trends that will dominate in 2020.This includes current peaking trends and new trends that have recently emerged.

Real Estate website design trends that will not change


Now it’s official: there are more people browsing websites from mobile devices than desktop computers. In 2019, we’ve seen the rise of micro-interactions, roll-out menus, and custom icons. This trend will not change, but only gain momentum. In 2020, you will no longer need a website that is just responsive; you will need one that is mobile-first.

Load time

In 2019, many experts believed that clean minimalistic websites would take over the internet because of their fast loading speed. But that didn’t happen.

Instead, we see how new technologies are adapting video and photo content to the needs of the mobile-first era. In 2020, designers and developers will continue seeking a compromise between creativity and functionality, and decreased load time.


Real Estate websites will still need to convert in 2020, and chatbots have proven to be an effective way to do it. In 2020, the online experience will continue striving toward greater personalization and more sophisticated AI technologies. So, in 2020, we will see smarter and more interactive chatbots on top real estate websites.


Now let’s move on to the main real estate web design trends we’re expecting to see in 2020.

Top Real Estate Website Design Trends For 2020

Open Composition

real estate website design trends -

One of the most common and popularly used real estate website design trends is open composition. Basically, it is loosely suspended items that are moving off screen and will gain a popularity basis that only. This creates the effect that an element will still exist beyond the limits of the screen.

2. GIFs and Animations

real estate website design trends -

Using animations and GIFs is the other latest real estate website design trend. Nowadays, GIFs are everywhere and it’s great too. It provides you a richer product experience and explains workflow in a better way, but keep in mind and don’t overuse them. Therefore, with various GIF creation tools, web designers are not limited to their design process.

3. Fixed Scrolling Navigation

scrolling navigation -

Navigation is made to help users to move from one point to another on the website and by keeping the navigation menu at the fixed place it allows users to navigate the website from any location on the page. This is becoming easier with various plugins easily available on the web. Further, fixed navbar is also very handy for mobile users.

4. Bold Typography

real estate website design trends -

Nowadays, many companies are adapting big and bold typography to make their home pages. In fact, this style works best when you want to keep rest of the pages minimal and clean.

5. Asymmetry

real estate website design trends -

This is the other very famous real estate website design trend and many designers are creating asymmetric layouts with perfect and balanced execution. This is a simple, basic and clean web design trend and anyone can use it easily.

6. Minimalistic Real Estate Web Design

Think of this real estate website design trend as being presented with a note card. It acts as entry points which will further become a doorway to more information for users. Various cards can also be used to visually suggest a topic and that too within a website only. One of the best examples of this is the website of Netflix.

This web design will also go for menus and navigation and further keep them as simple as possible because the main thing is that today, people want de-cluttered and visually explanatory web designs.

7. Cinemagraphs

real estate website design trends -

Cinemagraphs are high-quality videos or GIFs which usually run on a smooth loop. It is becoming a very popular way to add visual interest to pages. Its full-screen loops hold the reader’s attention for longer.

8. All Caps Corner Links

real estate website design trends -

This real estate website design trend is also spreading rapidly among web designers. Almost every professional business and startup is using all caps text styles to create a web design which is more attractive and symmetrical. Further, this web design is also becoming a signature style for a clean and crisp navigation.

9. Decorative Details

decorative web design -

An approach to details is also changing from the past few years and there are many elements that have decorative functions. In this web design buttons are rarely created as harsh rectangles with some eye catchy texts inserted in the middle. Further, they are often designed as soft and shifted dashes. Another famous button style is to develop spectacular hovers in the canvas like many websites do.

10. Material Design

material web design -

Another superb web design is material design which has been developed by Google in the past few years and after it is being rolled out across its various applications at a very high speed. It is basically a new and innovative way of designing to create a hierarchy of meaning and importance of any page. Further, it also uses various geometric shapes to visually enhance their website and create depth in that.

11. Responsive Real Estate Website Design

responsive real estate website design -

When it comes to website designing, responsive web design is considered as the trend. Today, everyone uses smartphone devices or mobile phones. Website owners must deal with various aspects of responsive design website for that reason. This is a technique of building a website that is compatible with multiple web browsers or web-accessing devices. You can seamlessly open responsive webpage via your Smartphone and laptop or desktop. The site will open smoothly without any hassles. The website shall open without showing up any resolution problems or disarray.

Responsive website designing is the latest trend in the world of website designing, though it must be understood carefully. Not all website designers are poised with knowledge and ability to build responsive websites. Therefore, website owners need to find a professional service provider which is poised with the experience to deliver the best solution in responsive website designing. The aspects of this type of website designing are to be followed carefully. Not all service providers can provide the best responsive website designing support to the website owners.

12. Geometry


This trend is an awesome and easy way to make your site best among others, and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, all those rounds and squares and triangles look very minimalistic and we already know that minimalism is a trend. People like when their eye notice what they want and need right away and of course, it is good for a seller as well.

Secondly, our trendy simple minimalistic elements won’t overload the site, so the speed will be also on top.

And the last reason is just that it looks cool.

13. Broken grid

broken grid -

Instead of using straight and formal lines for headers, ads, whatever you need, use a broken grid. You’ll see how your text becomes more catchy and let the reader notice what you say!

Can we relate this trend with Geometry and Assymetry? Yes. So you want to double your being in trend? Experiment with the grids and layouts.

14. Following Search Engine Guidelines

Even a few years earlier, people were not careful when reading search engine guidelines before developing websites. But, things have changed quite drastically these days. People want to follow search engine guidelines so that their sites can eventually become the perfect platform for business transactions. Most importantly, it will help the businesses to grow quite popular via search engines. In other words, the websites that follow search engine guidelines will obtain obvious business marketing benefits. It will help the businesses to grow optimally.

Following search engine guidelines for website designing will surely help you to keep pace with the latest website designing trend. It will help your business to move towards success. It will help your business to obtain better business benefits. Secondly, it will help your business to grow optimally. The most important thing is that your business shall have a better presence on the internet due to effective business marketing through the search engines.

15. Effective Website Marketing with Social Media Buttons

Today, every website should have provisions for online marketing otherwise it is futile to have a site. You need to incorporate social media buttons or widgets to make your website accessible. This will help your business to gain more exposure, which will undoubtedly lead to high profitability. To make your company long sustaining, efficient and seamless website designing planning is needed. Most importantly social media integration is essential these days to gain more business exposure. It is imperative to use social media correctly, and if that happens, it will be a matter of time for your business to taste the highest form of success.

Real Estate Website Design Trends FAQ

Why do I need to follow design real estate website design trends?

Of course, you can create your own unique style but if you use outdated tools – your whole project will look outdated. Even if you don’t copy the modern real estate website design trends you have to keep yourself informed about them.

Why do the real estate website design trends change every year?

The audience’s tastes change rapidly. Just take a look at the fashion industry. The situation with web design is the same.

Is there something that won’t change for a few years?

Definitely, yes. Some things, connected to tech are not changing. For example, all project has to be mobile-friendly. That feature won’t change until some new way of communication will be invented.

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