Real Estate Sold Signs That Will Make You Stand Out

key-shape real estate sold sign

Real estate SOLD signs can show off your professionalism and sense of style. However, they should also Real estate SOLD signs should also drive website traffic and boost your real estate marketing efforts.

How do you get more referral business with SOLD signs, you ask? Easy! Just have your buyers pose holding your custom real estate sold sign. Then post those pics on social media, your real estate website, on postcards for your farming, and even send them out to your email list. You can use that one closing to generate enough referral business to keep you working for the next several months. 

Social proof goes a long way to ease your potential clients’ reservations. So, show your clients smiling and excited with your sign. The best part is you can do it with buyers and sellers. Show up on closing day with your sign and simply ask them to flash those smiles in a quick picture to mark the occasion to bump your social proof score on social media.

Custom Real Estate Sold Signs Are Trending

There are tons of cute real estate SOLD signs out there that can deliver the right marketing message along with some flare and a touch of your individual personality.

I spent some time searching for the hottest trends in SOLD signs to give you some creative inspiration. I hope these custom real estate SOLD signs will inspire and motivate you to find the perfect SOLD signs that make the right statement for you and help you get more listings.

1. Say Yes to This Design

Say Yes Real Estate Sign - Real Estate Sold sign

This lovely sign comes from a crafty seller on called WoodcraftieCo. They make several variations of this sign, shaped like a key, that you can customize with all of your deets. I love that this one says, “Said yes to the address.” It’s so today.

2. This Resin Real Estate Sold Sign Feels Like Rock & Roll

Resin Real Estate Sold Sign

These wood and resin SOLD signs are ah-ma-zing. The key shape is very in right now, but this resin finish is truly unique. Your clients will definitely think “luxury” when you show them this sign. Brittany Michelle Designs creates “durable, glossy, and eye-catching” signs to help you stand out and be seen. The competition won’t stand a chance.

3. Stained Wood Real Estate Signs Feel Like Home

Stained Wood Real Estate Signs

This stunning beauty is from another seller on called MoonlightMill. I love the wood grain and the red stain on this work of art. I see so much potential for customization on a sign like this one, but it’s lovely just the way it is.

4. Metal Real Estate Rider Signs Make a Statement

Metal Real Estate Rider Signs

Those small signs on top of your FOR SALE yard sign (called riders) that signify the property is either PENDING or SOLD can add to your branding. Check out this adorable metal rider with sparkles and a sweet script font. Add this rider to your FOR SALE sign to announce your amazing agent skills as well as your impeccable taste. Grab this, along with other rider options, from Real Estate Creations by Expressions by Design.

5. Stencil Real Estate Sold Signs Are All the Rage

Stencil Real Estate Signs

I love the simplicity of this beautiful sign from TNFDesigns on It’s simple, elegant, and gets right to the point. The wood grain adds a rustic feel so it feels like home.

6. Unique Sold Signs Will Add Punch to Your Social Media Presence

Unique Real Estate Sold Signs

This unique real estate SOLD sign is unlike any other. It’s bold. It’s fabulous. It makes a simple statement. What’s not to love? This sign, as well as several other gorgeous variations, are created at The Closing Gift Concierge Shop, which you can find on 

7. 3D Sold Signs Make Amazing Marketing Pieces

3D Real Estate Sold Signs

These house key SOLD signs pack a huge punch, with 3D elements and splashes of color. Rogue Handcrafts offers a selection of these key signs that you can completely customize to reflect your personality and message. When you check out their site, you’ll see several different iterations of this style for inspiration. 

8. Use Your Sold Sign as an Announcement of Your Awesomeness

Announcement Real Estate Sold Sign

Check out this beautiful sign’s clean lines, modern and trendy feel, and simplicity. Not to mention the message exudes excitement and joy at having completed your real estate transaction. It makes you want to shout, “Congratulations!” This real estate SOLD sign, by NGO Creations, makes an exquisite closing gift to boot. 

9. Don’t See What You Want? DIY Real Estate Sold Signs May Be What You Need

DIY Real Estate Signs

If you’re feeling a bit crafty, you might try a custom DIY SOLD sign. We found Megan Plus Five and she offers a free stencil and a quick tutorial on how to create these adorable real estate sold signs yourself using your own colors and personality. The DIY approach might be what you need to explore all the possibilities when adding just the right amount of flare. I personally have never been that crafty, but I think I could pull this one off. 

Your Take

Real estate SOLD signs are a fantastic way to market your prowess as an agent. Use them as photo props on closing day, as closing gifts, in social media posts, and your farming to generate leads from your recent closing. 

Sure, you want to add SOLD riders to your yard signs to let the neighbors know you’re awesome. But don’t stop there! Grab one of your custom real estate SOLD signs and take some pics of your grateful clients holding them. Post those pics everywhere so you can keep the momentum going and your business flowing.

Have you seen some amazing signs you want to share or have some of your own? Post them in the comments.

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