Real Estate SEO Tips to Attract Buyers, Sellers, and Search Engines

Real Estate SEO is a an endeavor of investment that can pay huge dividends. Herea are my best Real Estate SEO Tips.

Studies have shown that 95% of home buyers begin their home buying journey online. For a Realtor, this means that you should be positioned well enough to capture these leads. Missing the mark with attracting buyers and sellers online could leave a lot of money on the table.

Therefore, the most successful Realtor is no longer the one who knows how to find customers but rather the one who gives clients more ways to find them. That’s where real estate SEO comes into play. 

SEO can be very stressful and outranking all the real estate firms may never happen, and if you use a home search with iFrames or subdomains it’s almost impossible.

real estate seo

The good news is that doesn’t have to be your story. You only need to rank for local SEO in your area.

Here are helpful tips you can implement to make sure you’re more competitive in the search engines and attracting buyers and sellers.

Real Estate SEO Tips:

Real Estate SEO Tip #1: Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

real estate seo mobile friendly

If you started your real estate business a long time ago, you might have overlooked the need for your website compatibility with mobile devices. Many searchers are now using mobile phones. Google has picked up this trend and is now using mobile compatibility as a factor for ranking. 

Search your website on your mobile and see how it behaves. Make sure it loads faster and is easy to use. If not, make the appropriate changes.

There are available options, such as making a responsive site that works well on desktop and mobile.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are using a modern IDX that avoids iFrames and subdomains. Those can break even the best website theme.

Improve the Speed of Your Website

Internet users have a very short patience threshold. People love websites that take only a second to load. Otherwise, many of your web visitors will leave as soon as they click to your site. This bounce rate sends a signal to Google that people aren’t finding what they are looking for on your website.

Since the satisfaction of the user guides google Algorithms, this may affect your ranking. To make sure your website loads fast, choose the right host provider.

Use other tips such as compressing images, enabling browser catchy, and reducing the number of plugins you’re using.

Do Keyword Research

real estate seo keyword research

This is one of the factors that significantly affect your real estate SEO. This doesn’t just include the obvious keywords like “real estate in New York”. It is how you get to know what home buyers are thinking.

This guides you on the kind of content to publish on your website. Make sure your keywords match the needs of your local market. Here are two categories of keyword research to consider.

Broad keywords. This will be the one that you’ll optimize for your major pages, such as the about us page and home page. They include usual keywords, such as “Tampa home search”.

Long-tail keywords. These are the guides that determine your blog content. They include answering the questions the home buyers in your area may be struggling with. For example, “the cost of a three-bedroom cost in San Jose”.

Google changed several years ago to focus on “searcher intent”, and Google is able to use all of the information they know about someone combined with the terms they’re searching for to deliver their unique search results.. 

As an example, someone could search for “condos in Atlanta”, and Google knows that the searcher is a single mother, that’s into crossfit, and is really looking for a condo within walking of Ponce City Market. If you build a hotsheet or community page titled “Condos within walking of Ponce City Market” with good content and a modern IDX, you could rank for that search.

Perform On-Site Optimization on Your Website

real estate search engine optimization on site

Top Real Estate SEO Tip: This is a hack you don’t want to miss when doing real estate SEO. 

For every page on your website, choose a keyword to optimize and add a few secondary keywords. Remember to use a different keyword for every page because you don’t want to compete against yourself. 

Look for opportunities to sprinkle your keywords on your text naturally. You may add them in.

  • The page’s title
  • The meta description 
  • The copy
  • The page’s headlines and subheadings 
  • Alt tags

Also, find other pages on the website that you may link the page to, using the primary keyword as the anchor text. This boosts your SEO equity and keeps your web visitors longer on your website, which may lead to purchase as well as boosts your SERP position.

While you’re at it, do it with moderation. Google penalizes sites for keyword stuffing (too many keywords fitted unnaturally to cheat your way to ranking). Yet weaving the keyword through the copy shouldn’t be hard.

Try not to overthink it. It should feel natural to your visitors (and Google).

Add Your Website on Review Sites and Relevant Directories

real estate seo add your site to review sites

Make an effort to have a profile on popular sites such as Google My Business, Yelp, Angel’s List, and Trust Pilot. Also, create profiles on real estate profiles like, Zillow, and Redfin. Remember to check if there are any local websites for real estate listings

The sites give you a chance to get a backlink, which is vital for your ranking. And increase the number of places your customers can find you on the web.

Make sure you format your information with one style for all the listings. This will help Google know the listings are for one business. For example, if your business is New York, avoid submitting New York on one listing and NY on another.

Invest in Good Photos For Your Website 

real estate seo good photos

When good reviews and good content may drive home buyers to your website, the emotional connection they make with photos is what drives the sale. 

Your real estate website will convert more web visitors to buyers if you have high-quality photos on your website. If possible, go the extra mile and add video tours. Since Google sees a certain way, remember to add optimized alt tags, so they play a role in your ranking factor.

Promote Your Content 

real estate seo promote your content

In small cities, great real estate SEO puts you ahead of the game. Yet if the competition is stiff, sharing your content may boost your chance of attracting more clients.

Find out where potential home buyers hang out and share your posts on the social media platform. For example, you can create a Facebook community where you can share content and engage with your audience. 

Also, utilize your email list to get support from your loyal subscribers. 

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Do You Want to Know More About Real Estate SEO?

I hope you found the above real estate seo tips helpful. Optimizing content for real estate SEO ensures that your clients can easily find you. Having great content and answering the questions your customers can make you the leader of real estate in your area, which builds trust for your brand. 

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