How To Build Hyper-Local Real Estate Neighborhood Pages

How To Build A Hyper-Local Real Estate Neighborhood Pages

In this article I’ll show you how create the perfect hyper-local real estate neighborhood pages for your real estate website.

Hyper-local Real Estate Neighborhood Pages serve as evergreen content for your real estate website that draw visitors to your by providing target comprehensive information. These pages will drive insane traffic to your real estate website, and generate a ton of real estate leads.

By creating hyper-local neighborhood pages your real estate website will dominate the local search results, usually ranking #1 for the focus real estate keyword and all related real estate keywords associated with that particular neighborhood

Make sure you have a great Real Estate CRM to manage your leads!

Elements To Include In Your Real Estate Neighborhood Pages

Your Real Estate Community Pages will almost certainly Rank #1 on Google if you include and correctly search engine optimize the following sections in each of your real estate neighborhood pages.

Real Estate Neighborhood Page Sections to Rank #1 On Google

• Neighborhood Overview/Highlights
• Multiple Maps
• Downloadable PDF Guide
• IDX Listings with Large, Beautiful Photos
• Contact Form with Her Headshot & Awards
• Things Buyers Should Know
• Detailed Location Breakdown
• Social Proof (Recent Awards & Reviews)
• Nearby Neighborhoods
• Property and Scenic Photos
• Detailed School Breakdowns
• 10-Year Real Estate Trends (Including Charts & Graphs)
• Property Sale Trends (Single-Family, Condos & Townhouses)
• Neighborhood History
• Things to Do (Dining, Nightlife, Parks, Shopping, Groceries)
• Related Blog Articles

How to Out-Perform The Competition’s Real Estate Neighborhood Pages

Neighborhood Video Tours

I talk extensively about the power of real estate neighborhood video tours later. For now, suffice it to say that even low-budget videos elevate an article from an encyclopedic resource to a window into real life in that neighborhood.

Video does a better job of convincing people to contact you than any other website feature. The introduction video on my homepage has generated over a million dollars in sales.

Creating a supporting video for your content can buy you almost twice the SERP Real Estate!

🥼 Expert Tip: Do A Video Tour of Any Vacant Homes In Your Target Neighborhoods!

Mapped IDX Listings

IDX Map Listings give the user a really good idea of the layout of the neighborhood and where any homes for sale are situated.

Mapped IDX Listings On A Real Estate Neighborhood Page

Headings with Real Estate Keyword Phrases

It’s important to avoid keyword stuffing, but it’s still smart to place your focus keyword and related keyword phrases in headings. Many neighborhood pages that are smart enough to include a significant text fail to organize that text according to headings.

Real Estate Neighborhood Page For Victorian Homes

In this case, the page has 5 headings:

  • Los Angeles Victorian Homes for Sale
  • Available Victorian Homes
  • About Victorian Homes
  • Victorian Home Search
  • LA Victorian Home Realtors
    The use of the phrase “Victorian Home” in all 5 headings is not the best practice.
    It would be better to replace 1-2 headings with the phrases “Victorian Properties” or “Victorian Listings”. But generally speaking, the use of varied phrases in several H2 or H3 headings is a great way to stand above the competition.

Conclusion: Hyper-local Real Estate Community Pages

If you need any assistance in building out your hyper-local community pages for your real estate website, please leave any questions you have in the comments, or use the form below to schedule a free consultation with my team.

We’ll do all we can to get your real estate webstie ranking #1 on Google!

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