Real Estate ISA Training 2021 (Tips + Video)

Training a real estate ISA to call and convert inbound leads isn’t as simple as, “just start calling and I’ll get some appointments!” Training a real estate ISA to effectively handle inbound leads requires a system.

Training a Real Estate ISA to Successfully Handle Inbound Leads

When I say success in handling inbound leads requires a system – I’m not only talking about systems/technology. Technology only aids in the streamlining and automation of process.

Before you even think of hiring an Real Estate ISA (Inbound Sales Agent), someone to make calls and set calls for you, there must be a working process in place.

If it doesn’t work for you; then, it’s not going to work for someone else.

There should be defined steps to the process; otherwise, how can someone else execute it?

Here are my five key elements to creating a scalable Real Estate ISA sales system:

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1. The Devil Is in the Details

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The goal is working smarter, not harder. Paying specific attention to details when a lead first registers can not only save time, but it customizes the experience for the lead and increases the chances for conversion. Here are two great examples of small details that can have a huge impact on your ISAs’ success:

Real Estate ISA Training Tip: Verify Bad Phone Numbers

No matter what CRM platform your ISAs are using or what kind of leads you are generating, 30% of phone numbers are going to be either wrong numbers or disconnected.

As part of your Real Estate ISA Training, make sure to have your ISA confirm phone numbers on the first call attempt. This eliminates wasting time in the future calling numbers that are not good.

HOT TIP: Third-party dialers do not detect most bad phone numbers—they will just continue to ring or simply disconnect immediately. When this happens, have your ISA make a manual dial from an actual phone to verify if it is really a bad number.

Real Estate ISA Training Tip: Look for Typos in Email Addresses

In your Real Estate ISA Training have your real estate ISA scan the email address and look for any possible typos while the phone is ringing and they’re waiting for the lead to pick up. An example of this would be .con instead of .com, maybe a name typo, or @gmail.con instead of I have even seen typos in their name within the email, such as Sara but the email is Sata. The R and T are right beside each other on the keyboard—easy mistake. Fix it.

Most CRMs mark it as a bad email when the first email bounces, but why not try to fix those mistakes before you start getting returned emails in your drip campaign?

Real Estate ISA Training Tip: Confirm the Voicemail

Allow the first call attempt to go entirely to the voicemail to listen if the correct name is on it. Make a note and update the lead profile if they only gave a first name when they first registered. This is an important step for emails going to the lead with the autofill feature. How do you feel when you get an email with your name spelled wrong?

Make Sure to Mark Leads as Night Calls When They Request It

If the lead requests to have them call back when they get home from work, make sure to have your ISA mark the lead as a night call in your CRM and have a separate filter to call on evenings and weekends. There’s nothing worse than calling a lead at a time that doesn’t work for them when they specifically request you don’t.

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