Real Estate IDX Providers

Real Estate IDX Providers

There are four main Real Estate IDX Providers in the United States:

  1. iHomefinder
  2. Showcase IDX
  3. IDX Broker
  4. Diverse Solutions

Free IDX from MLS Board vs. IDX Service From Real Estate IDX Providers

Real Estate IDX Providers take the MLS listings from your local MLS board and enable you to display all of your local MLS real estate listings on your real estate website with lead capture mechanisms to generate leads from your real estate website.

Many MLS systems provide a free IDX tool which enables you to display real estate listings on your website; however, free IDX from your MLS does not provide any lead capture functionality.

Additionally, free IDX from your MLS does not allow you to format the listings to match the branding of your website. The free IDX from your MLS is usually just an iFrame that provides a little functionality but really no benefit to you. It’s often very clunky looking.

Free IDX from your MLS is typically not mobile responsive either. Since most consumers use their mobile device to access websites having a mobile responsive real estate website is imperative.

Here’s an example of free IDX from an MLS:

What is the Best Real Estate IDX Provider?

We find iHomefinder to be the best real estate IDX provider for most real estate agents.

iHomfinder is typically the best real estate IDX provider for most real estate agent websites because they have the widest MLS coverage nationwide. We have worked with iHomefinder since 2004. Over the years, they have build out their coverage to pretty much every real estate board across the country. As such, iHomefinder spend much of their time now working on their system and providing enhancements to their customers.

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Another reason we consider iHomefinder to be the best real estate IDX provider is because they have the most modern looking IDX for your real estate agent website.

The iHomefinder IDX has the only portal-style home search – meaning it looks like Zillow. The iHomefinder property listing pages also look more like and Redfin.

SquareSpace IDX

Of the IDX providers, iHomefinder is also the only Real Estate IDX provider that works With SquareSpace.

WordPress IDX Solutions

All four of the primary IDX providers work with WordPress. They use a simple WordPress Plugin to enable IDX on your wordpress real estate website. To add IDX to your WordPress real estate website, you simply add and register your plugin on your WordPress Real Estate Website, then use the Real Estate IDX Provider’s [shortcodes] to place their vairous Real Estate IDX Tools across your website.

Real Estate IDX Tools

The typical set of tools that you get from your Real Estate IDX Provider include:

  1. Home Search
  2. Advanced Home Search
  3. Featured Property Gallery
  4. Sold Property Gallery
  5. Custom Saved Search Gallery
  6. Mortgage Calculator
  7. Property Organizer
  8. Contact Form

You can use the [shortcodes] for all of these tools across your real estate website. You simply place the [shortcode] where you want the tool to appear.

Need Help Adding IDX A Your Real Estate Website?

We are experts in working with all of the Real Estate IDX software on the market. If you are having trouble or just want a real estate IDX expert to assisting in adding IDX to your real estate website, or customizing IDX on your real estate website we’re here to help!

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