Real Estate CRM with Text Messaging

Real Estate CRM with Text Messaging -

iMax Real Estate CRM with Text Messaging is arguably the best on the market in regards to price and features. Drip Text, Video, Email; Dialer,.and More.

iMaxCRM Real Estate CRM Standard Features:

Automated Lead Capture – Automatically import the leads from 100’s of lead generation websites like Zillow, FlexMLS, IDXBroker and iHomefinder.

Text And Email Autoresponder – Respond to leads with custom text and email messages.

Sync your email, phone and history – Synchronize your email from gmail, outlook, yahoo, hotmail, Office 365, incoming calls and text to iMaxCRM.

Automatically Assign Leads – Setup rules to automatically assign the lead to your agents for follow-up.

Follow-ups – Manage all your tasks in one place for follow-ups.

Automated Drip Marketing – Nurture your prospects with automated personalized emails that can turn them into clients.

Personalized Video Feature – This built-in feature of iMaxCRM allows you to record personalized videos to send directly to your customer—-with no additional software to buy.

Open House App – iMaxCRM is the first CRM on the market with an Open House App. It’s available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Available on ANY Device – Our mobile app is available on Google Play, Apple App Store to help agents stay organized on-the-go.

Home Valuation – Most cost-effective way to generate seller leads via your website, blog or social media.

Referral Management – Makes it easy for an agent to refer the lead to another agent or lender and track the status.

Click To Call/Dialer – iMaxCRM provides the built-in functionality to call your leads. Incoming calls are automatically routed to the correct agent.

Manage Your Team – iMaxCRM allows you to distribute leads manually or automatically based on your preferences as well as monitor agent performance and generate reports.

Email Tracking – iMaxCRM provides analytics on open rates, link tracking, and unsubscribes.

Document Management – iMaxCRM stores all your important documents in the Cloud, which can be accessed with any device that has our app.

Manage Listings and Closings – Keeps track of listing follow-ups and closings which frees up time for other activities.

Real Estate CRM with Text Messaging

If you’re looking for a real estate crm with text mesasging then iMaxCRM Real Estaet CRM is likely a good choice for you. Sign up for a free real estate CRM trial today. No credit card required.

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