Most Realtors Are Burning Money On Facebook Advertising

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They tell their clients they “do” social media advertising but, for the most part, that simply means they ‘boost’ a post from their Facebook page for a measly $15-$30 that might achieve a small amount of reach, but zero conversion.

Tech-savvy agents are using Facebook Ads Manager to target their advertising more accurately for a slightly higher budget. Others are using third-party software applications or they’re allowing the major property portals to run their Facebook ads for them. Sadly, these agents are also burning through cash with little to no return-on-investment to show for it.

If you’re not driving traffic back to your own website from your Facebook ads, or if your website pages aren’t set up correctly, you’re burning cash on Facebook.

If you’re boosting posts from your Facebook page to promote a listing, you’re burning cash on Facebook.

If you’re not measuring your Facebook ads and using the results to inform your next campaign, you’re definitely burning cash on Facebook.

If you don’t have the Facebook pixel installed or a re-marketing system in place, you’re burning cash on Facebook. And, if you don’t have Facebook Business Manager configured correctly, you’re burning cash on Facebook

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