Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs 2021

Instagram Advertising Mistakes

There are some rookie Instagram Marketing Mistakes people are making on Instagram. Here are my Instagram marketing tips that can help you avoid them.

Since 2010, when Instagram came into social media existence, top brands, social media influencers, celebrities and smart entrepreneurs have taken advantage of Instagram to engage their target audiences. Facebook bought Instagram for $1.0 Billion – as of March 1, 2021, Instagram it has over 1.037 Billion users worldwide.

Humans love visuals. And, that’s one of the core reasons why Instagram is so wildly popular.

Image sharing has gone beyond sharing selfies with friends. Now, you can actually plan your campaigns to drive more qualified site visitors, leads and revenue to your business.

Instagram has more engagement than other social media networks. Specifically, Instagram is now seeing 15x more engagement than Facebook and 20x more than Twitter. Thus an Instagram post is a viable social network for your marketing strategy.


I could go on and on, singing the praises of Instagram and espousing why you should embrace this social media image-sharing app.

However, there are some rookie Instagram marketing mistakes that people are making. There are Instagram marketing tips that can help you avoid falling into the same traps. 

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Instagram Marketing Mistakes To Avoid:

1. Lack of a goal-driven strategy

Goal: It’s one of those common business words that’s often neglected. But, goals form the foundation of your plans and strategies.

Marketing Goals Chart

Let’s say that you attend a conference or webinar and one of the presenters advises you to set a goal first, while another says you should monetize your email list – which of these two pieces of advice would you follow?


I’m sure you’ve read enough about “goal setting.” You’d rather monetize your email list and make some money, right?

But, when it comes to Instagram marketing, not having a goal-driven strategy will result in wasted opportunities and effort. You might even give up, or conclude that Instagram or social media marketing just doesn’t work.

Does social media marketing work?

But, social media marketing does work. Yes, most brands use Instagram to improve their brand, but it goes beyond that. This is a powerful social media platform.

For example, whenever Warby Parker posts creative photos of their eyewear on Instagram, they generate more than 2,000 likes per post and engagement that often leads to sales as well as a loyal Instagram follower or two.

Book on take with sunglasses, and lots of comments, and likes.

Make no mistakes about it: Your success at Instagram marketing begins with a goal-driven strategy.

Sure, you can tell your story through video clips and photographs, but don’t do it blindly. Know what you want and develop a strategy around your goal.

For example, if you want to drive more traffic to your landing page, then your photo captions must be persuasive and include a call-to-action in your copy.

Example of Link inBio on post.

On the other hand, if brand awareness is your primary focus (which means that you’re more concerned about the future of your business), you should pay more attention to your photos – you must never sacrifice quality for anything.

And, since we’re talking about developing a goal-driven strategy, one of the brands you can learn from is Quest Nutrition.

According to TOTEMS Analytics, Quest Nutrition increased its follower count by roughly 15,000 per month.

They’re effectively connecting with their audience by creating visual content that helps their followers take control of their diet and fitness plans.

Here’s one of Quest Nutrition’s 15-second video clips that sticks to their message and goal-driven marketing strategy.

quest crab cakes ad