How To Get Real Estate Leads To Call You Back

Getting Real Estate Leads To Call You Back

Is there anything worse than working new real estate leads, only to have them ignore your calls and emails? After all, you’re getting leads, so your real estate lead generation strategy seems to be working fine. They just don’t seem to want to talk to you. What are you doing wrong?

Your likely doing either a lot; or, nothing wrong. Getting a lead on the phone is hard work. Getting them to return your call is even harder.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide to help you increase your odds of actually getting your calls returned by leads, customers, or even listing agents.

You Waited Too Long to Follow Up

Real Estate Leads

This is the biggest reason your leads aren’t calling you back. You’re waiting too long to reach out to them. In fact, an MIT study found that your odds of reaching a lead decrease more than 100 times after half an hour.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. If your lead is reaching out to you at 2:00, they probably have at least a few minutes of free time after that to take your call. After that? All bets are off. How many times have you had to screen calls when you’re on a showing? Do you call your leads back with your client right in front of you?

How to Get Real Estate Leads to Call You Back

Get back to your leads as soon as humanly possible. You may even want to tell your buyer clients that you may have to pick up your phone occasionally while you’re on a showing. If you’ve established a rapport, most of them won’t mind at all. In fact, they’ll be rooting for your to get that new client.

Make Sure You Use a CRM That Has Workflows to Schedule Outreach

While it can be tricky to figure out the best time to reach out to your Real Estate Leads, an easy-to-use, relationship-focused customer relationship manager (CRM) like iMaxCRM makes the process much easier. iMaxCRM lets you micro-segment your Real Estate leads, automate relevant follow-up messages, and build blended workflows that include text messaging, calls, emails, and more to help you build relationships faster.

You Didn’t Sound Confident Enough

Real Estate Leads

Everybody has off days. Even if you’re a social butterfly who’s a voice coach on the side, chances are you’re not always going to be “on” every time you call a lead. For competitive FSBO or expired listings, you may never recover from that first nervous impression.

How to Get Them to Call You Back

Beyond a really, really, good follow-up email and a prayer, you’re probably out of luck here. Better to try and avoid this in the first place. Here are a few tips to sounding confident on the phone.

1. Call your important Real Estate Leads after warming up first on a few others

You’re going to be rusty for the first few calls, so building up confidence is key. You’ll also remember that rejection won’t kill you.

2. Stand up when you make your calls & pace if you have to

When you’re hunched over, sitting down, your diaphragm is compressed, which makes it very difficult to project your voice. Standing up will trick your brain into feeling more confident.

5. Be good at your job

Real confidence only comes from knowing what you’re talking about and having the right answers to the inevitable objections that will come up. So study the market as if your job depended on it. Because it does.

6. Memorize common objection handlers

If you do manage to get someone on the phone, if you don’t have good objection handlers ready to go, your confidence will fade as soon as your lead stumps you with a common question.

You’re Not Getting Through Receptionists or Other Gatekeepers

Real Estate Leads

While a work phone number is far from ideal, sometimes that’s all you can get. For leads who work in a corporate environment, this can be fatal. After all, any receptionist or administrative assistant worth their salt is trying to save their boss from the dreaded cold caller.

How to Get Real Estate Leads to Call You Back

Experts agree that the absolute best thing you can do to get that coveted sticky note from reception on their monitor is super-easy. Be very, very nice to any receptionist you encounter. Creating a sense of urgency can work as well, but be careful not to overplay your hand here. Experienced receptionists will sniff out your hard sell and you’ll NEVER get through.

If you’re pitching a company for relocation referrals, then you should send over a nice gift as well in order to get in front of a decision-maker for a pitch. Cold calling alone isn’t going to cut it.

“Hi, this is Stu Hill at Sotheby’s Realty. Joe inquired about a home for sale and I’d love to chat with him further. It’s a hot property in a desirable town and I don’t want him to miss out if he really wants to get in there and see the home. Can you put me through?”

Millennial Real Estate Leads Don’t Do Phone Calls. They Text, or WhatsApp

Real Estate Leads

Working with millennials requires some adjustments. Millennials grew up with text messaging. For a lot of them, a phone call is reserved for dire emergencies, and even then they might just respond with a text message.

How to Get Them to Call You Back

Forget calling. Revert to sending a follow-up email (or better yet text) along with your call attempts.

Check out my real estate prospect text messaging scripts.

You Didn’t Make a Personal Connection With Your Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Leads

The idea that real estate is a relationship business is such a well-worn cliche at this point that it hardly bears repeating. Sadly, many newer agents still don’t get the message. They work hard at “selling” and never try to build an actual relationship built on reciprocity and selfless work.

Of course, there are always people that you’re not going to click with for one reason or another. For example, at a busy open house, the odds of being able to connect in the 15 seconds you have to chat is pretty much zero.

How to Get Real Estate Leads to Call You Back

If your first call or email was detail-heavy, a more personal message might work to get them on the phone. I’ve had luck with follow-up voicemails that acknowledge just how busy they are and offer a specific call-back time.

Something like:

“Hey________, I know you’re really busy, so sorry for that long message yesterday. I just wanted to give you as many options as possible. I’m free today at 3:00 or tomorrow from 2:00 to 7:00 for a call. Which works best for you?”

You Didn’t Have a ‘Call to Action’ in Your Voicemail or Follow-up Email

Often, agents don’t leave a ‘call to action’ in the voicemail that is compelling enough to return a call. If someone signs up on a website to browse properties, and the agents just call to ‘check in,’ what does that mean? The prospect may think that the agent is just doing his job by following up, but since the lead may not be in a hurry to do something, there’s no reason to return the call. Thus, agents should always include a compelling ‘call to action’ in their voicemails.

How to Get Real Estate Leads to Call You Back

Simple. Always remember to include a call to action in your voicemails, emails, and texts. Your leads have to know both how and when they should reach out to you. Here are a few examples of effective calls to action for voicemails:

Feel free to text me at [Phone Number] with the type of home you’re looking for.

Call me at (Phone Number) as this home will go fast, but I have a few more coming up for sale. If you’re interested, let me know immediately and you’ll be able to have a first look at the upcoming homes.

Regardless of if you’re moving in one month or one year, I’d like to help you get the best deal possible. So, send me a text or give me a call at (Phone Number) to discuss your plans. You can also reach me via email at (Email Address) and I’ll respond accordingly.

You Pronounced Your Real Estate Leads Name Wrong

As someone who grew up on Long Island with a very French name, I will almost always give someone cold calling the benefit of the doubt before hanging up when they mispronounce my name.

That said, if they’re not even close, my finger is reaching for the end call button.

People with more common names that you still manage to butcher are not as likely to be as forgiving. After all, you can find out how to pronounce most names with a quick Google search. If you can’t find a good pronunciation or are a bit unsure, then skip their name entirely. The point is that you need to make an effort here, so winging it is not an option.

How to Get Them to Call You Back

If it’s not clear how to pronounce their name then either use, Mr. or Ms. [Last Name]; or, attempt the pronunciation and offer an apology if you think you may be incorrect. You can also use YouGlish who have 100M audio tracks of pronunciations to try to figure it out prior to making that first call.

Your Real Estate Leads Are Already Working With Another, Better Agent

For hot leads, working with another agent is a very likely reason they won’t call you back. If you can get them to admit it, great. Just mention that you’re there to help if they ever need a second opinion.

How to Get Them to Call You back

You could always try telling them something like “I have an important market update for you that could drastically affect the price of your home,” but if they just started their relationship with another agent, coming across as too aggressive might backfire. Of course, you would also need that “important market update”—and it better actually be important!

You Told FSBO Real Estate Leads That You Had Clients That Wanted to See Their Home

OK, time to come clean. How many of you have left a voicemail with an FSBO telling them about all the great clients you have for their listing? While it may have seemed like a great idea at the time, most experienced listing agents will tell you this is a surefire way to ensure you NEVER get their business.

After all, you just proved to them that their FSBO strategy is working! All they need to do is list their property on their own, and eager-beaver new agents will call and offer up their buyers. Why on earth would they hire you to represent the listing? Worse, DO YOU have clients for their listing?! If you don’t, you’re starting out your relationship on a lie.

How to Get Them to Call You Back

Well, this is not all that difficult. Don’t leave voicemails telling them about your buyers. Instead, be honest. Take the time to figure out what they’re doing wrong and tell them you have a way to get their home sold faster and for more money.

You Didn’t Mention How You Got Your Real Estate Leads Number

Let’s face it. No one likes to get cold called. Even if they really, really need your services. That means not mentioning how you got their number can be a huge red flag.

Even if you didn’t cold call, they might not have remembered who the heck they reached out to on Zillow. A random call from a random real estate agent means instant delete for most people.

How to Get Them to Call You Back

Simple. Make sure to tell them exactly how you got their number right away. For example,

“Hi, this is Jessica from XYZ Realty, just following up on your online inquiry for 1234 Broadway.”

OK, OK. Real Estate Leads you got from the REDX or another lead service might not be thrilled to have their information out there. Well, there’s nothing you can really do here, but rest assured that you’re not the only one calling, so you might as well be honest.

That said, “I got your number from the internet” won’t cut it. Instead, try something like “I got your number from a database of people from XXX who might benefit from our services.”

You Didn’t Even Leave a Voicemail

The odds of your lead dialing a random number that left them a creepy half-second of silence on their voicemail is zero. Since almost literally everyone screens their calls these days, that means no voicemail = no call back. Maybe they’ll get your follow-up email, maybe they won’t. So why not leave a message? What are you afraid of anyway?

How to Get Them to Call You Back

Leave them a friendly, concise voicemail that lets them know who you are, how you got their number, and hint at your value proposition.

Of course, you’re going to want to leave messages for some Real Estate Leads, but not others. Generally speaking, I would avoid leaving messages for FSBO or expired listing Real Estate Leads. They’re going to have a TON of people calling, and unless you have an amazing voicemail script, a call back isn’t likely. Instead, send a follow-up email.

You Called Too Late at Night

Playing phone tag with your Real Estate Leads is hard enough, but trying to figure out when they’re going to be most receptive to your call is even trickier. A lot of newer agents make the mistake of reaching out in the late evening, with the idea that the lead will have some free time away from work.

While this makes sense on paper, put yourself in their shoes. You just had a 12-hour day of showings, cold calling, and working feverishly on your website. You eat dinner standing up over the counter answering emails, then you collapse on the couch to scroll through Netflix with what’s left of that rosé you opened last night … your phone rings … do you answer it? Of course not.

How to Get Them to Call You Back

While some people might get offended that you would call so late at night, most people won’t. All you really need to do here to get them on the phone is reach out again during a more sociable hour.

Of course, you won’t have to deal with this problem if you address it with your Real Estate Leads on your first contact. Make it a point to talk about the best times for calls, emails, or texts during your first meeting to ensure never reaching out when they’re not receptive to calls.

They Didn’t Get Enough Social Proof to Take You Seriously

Anyone who gets a ton of calls, which your Real Estate Leads WILL BE if they’re any good, is going to take a minute or two to Google you before calling back. What are they going to find? Does your personal real estate agent website or Zillow review page show up under searches for your name? Can they even spell your name?

Don’t have a good personal website? Now is the time to start building one and getting it to rank for your name. We build some of the best looking real estate websites in the business.

How to Get Them to Call You Back

If you don’t have much of a social footprint yet, either tell them exactly where to look on your voicemail or skip leaving messages entirely and focus on emails or texts where you can link out to the social proof you want them to see most.

You Gave Away Your Hand in a Voicemail

“Hey Jennifer, I just spent a few hours running the numbers and I think I can get you $850,000 for your listing. Call me back so we can discuss. My number is 555 ….”

Meanwhile, smarter agents have already told her that your number is either way too low or maybe way too high in their initial calls. Then they backed it up with a solid comparative market analysis (CMA). They’re going to wait until they get a listing presentation before (trying!) to prove the cold hard evidence to convince them of their listing’s market value.

How to Get Them to Call You Back

Well, there’s really not a whole lot you can do here besides trying again. When you do, maybe try an email that carefully breaks down how you came up with the price that you did. If you’ve got a ton of relevant experience, mention that as well.

You should also do your homework and actually have a CMA ready for hot Real Estate Leads. This way, when you mention you have a CMA for them, you can offer to send it immediately. This proves you’re not just trying to sell to them, but are already working on their behalf.

Don’t have a solid CMA strategy? Check out our guide to writing CMAs here.

They’re Dreamers, Tire Kickers, or Time Wasters

OK, let’s pour one out for the tire kickers, dreamers, and time-wasters out there. Even though the odds of them pulling the trigger this year are close to zero, they’re great for practicing your pitches. Of course, just because they might never buy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and knock it out of the park.

How to Get Them to Call You Back

Why would you want them to call you back? You probably don’t need these people to call you back.

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