How To Get Real Estate Leads From Instagram

how to get real estate leads from instagram

Getting real estate leads from Instagram involves a tricky combination of promotion and relationship building. Here are my tips for growing your real estate brand on Instagram and using instagram to generate real estate leads.

How Real Estate Agents Should Use Instagram to Build Their Brand & Get Leads in 2021

instagram real estate leads

Follow & Interact With Local Profiles

Interracting with people in Beverly Hills won’t help your business if you work in Sacramento. Stay local as much as possible. Do this by following and interracting with local accounts. Think people, shops, restaurants, museums, and influencers. You want to build your local audience for local brand awareness. You are the local real estate expert. Chime in as such, everywhere you can.

Promote The Local Lifestyle

One thing top producing agents have in common on their Instagram accounts is that they all show off their local lifestyle. You’ll hear many of the top TV agents say – I’m not selling a dream, I’m selling a lifestyle.

This is really true outside of Miami and Bevely Hills too. A lifestyle doens’t have to be something unattainable for most. If you read my article on How To Become A Top Real Estate Agent In Your Market. Sell the lifestyle of your demographic.

Whether it’s posts from the school, the park, the beach or a new restaurant, dry cleaners, coffee shop, or bakery, try to build FOMO in your audience by showing how amazing your local community is for your target demographic.

How To Get Real Estate Leads From Instagram Using Instagram Stories & Instagram TV

Instagram is primarily a platform for pictures, Stories, Reels, Instagram TV and Instagram Shopping are now being pushed hard.

Original Instagram – Now knows as The Grid – this can be a curated collection of posts. You can swap them out – it doesn’t need to be a massive feed of thousands of posts. Think evergreen content.

For daily, current content use stories. Reels can be used for how-to tips, or short explanations. TV can be a deep-dive to generate instagram real estate leads.

You will have a much greater chance of being noticed if you regularly post Stories, Reels, and videos to Instagram.

Invest in a Phone With a Great Camera

Image quality is crucial on Instagram as it is a photographic platform. Sure, the photos are small and square; however, there are certain aspects to a photo (other than pixels) that only a good camera can provide – such as depth of field.

So, invest in a high-quality phone, with a great camera. A clip-on microphone with a wind buffer can also make your audio sound much better.

If your wondering How To Get Real Estate Leads From Instagram, it starts with a quality profile.

Get Your Real Estate Clients in Your Videos

Your Instagram feed should not just a gallery of pretty houses. It is a window into your real estate business, the services your provide.

Instagram is your Insta-fabulous real estate life: Real Estate Agents will want to be you, and clients will want to be with you.

Stu Hill, – c. 2021

Remember, real estate is about people. So if they’re game, ask your buyers if they would appear in your Instagram posts. You can do quick interviews, testimonials, or behind-the-scenes videos. Just keep it fun and spontaneous.

Invest in a Gimbal

Every real estate agent should own a Gimbal. It will help you film smooth footage while you’re on the move – such as touring a house. A gimbal stabalizes your camera while you pan, tilt, and roll. A gimbal will make your real estate footage blur-free and steady. I recommend the DJI OM 4. You need a quality profile to get instagram real estate leads.

Get A Drone

You can leave the aerial real estate photography to a professional, for now. However, as a the local Content Creator Instagram Influencer Realtor , a drone can be great for grabbing B-reel footage. Don’t just think high in the sky. You can use a drone at just a meter off the ground. Great for a croud shot or medium-to-long shots for transitions or interludes in your videos.

Create & Promote ‘First Look’ Videos of New Listings

If you have pocket listings or access to brand-new listings – vacant listings, easy to pop in and tour – then creating videos on your feed is a great content source. Promoting inventory is always a good thing, whether it’s your exclusive, or a cooperating brokers from the MLS.

Buyers always think that there is a deal to be had, or an advantage to snagging a listing that’s not on the market yet.

Instagram Real Estate Leads are coming from an Inbound Marketing channel

Instagram should be treated as an inbound channel. This means that real estate leads from instagram will be generated from showing, as opposed to selling. Focus more on showing them you’re the best local real estate agent to hire. Mix in some calls to action to start conversations and convert your audience into qualified Instagram real estate leads.

Hopefully this helps answer your question of How To Get Real Estate Leads From Instagram.

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