How to Create A Custom Location To Tag Your Real Estate Office On Instagram

instagram location tag

Step 1. Go in your Facebook app and “Check in”

You need to set up your location tag on Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram are linked. As you may know, Instagram is owned by Facebook.

So you need to go through Facebook first to create your new location. 

  • Create a post (tap on “What’s on your mind”)
  • Tap on “Check in”
  • Make sure your “Location” permission is turned on in your phone settings for Facebook (you can turn it off again later)

Step 2. Type the name of your new location

Type a location name exactly as you want it to appear on Instagram. Pay attention to spaces, capital letters and punctuations.

Tap “Search“.

Chances are your new “location” does not exist. Or maybe some people have already registered a location with a similar name as you – which is fine.

If you’re not fine with that, here’s a quick tip.

Quick tip:

If someone has already taken the name of your location and you want to have a unique name, you can get very creative.

For example, if “Coffee” is taken, you can try “Coffee Official”, “The Official Coffee”, “This is Your Coffee”, “Where You Feel Alive”, “The London Coffee Shop”, etc…

Use your location name for marketing purposes.

If it’s something different, people will look at it and be intrigued! Take your time to brainstorm.

Step 3. Press on the “Add” button

Once you’re happy with the location name:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  • Press on the “+ Add [Location your just types]”

Step 4. Go on Instagram or Preview to use your new custom location

Next time you post on Instagram or schedule a post in Preview, use your new location.

Congratulations! You’ve created your own unique custom Instagram location!

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