Real Esate Website Design: How We Design CTA Buttons

CTA Button Design
The design of your CTS buttons buttons can have a huge impact on your conversion rate. Subtle changes in color, shape, and copy (text) on your buttons can mean more leads from your website and more closed deals.

The digital marketing community doesn’t conclusivly agree on what changes exactly lead to increased conversions. There are; however, a few rules that most marketing and CRO experts can agree on:

Here are my top five rules for designing effective CTA buttons:

  1. Orange, green, and blue buttons seem to convert the highest
  2. Buttons whose color contrasts well with the background color convert well.
  3. They are actual buttons, not just text links!
  4. They use specific action words in their copy- “Get My Home Value” or “Download My Free PDF” will work better than “submit” or the dreaded “click here.” Or, GET A FREE CONSULTATION (yes, that’s a plug)
  5. They’re in a strategic place on the page- Think headline, short copy, text box, button. Also keep the “F” pattern in mind, as well as data from your heatmaps (we like to use HotJar for heatmaps)

Here are some CTA button design examples that follow my five rules for designing effective CTA button design principles well:7 Clever CRO Web Design Tricks7 Clever CRO Web Design Tricks7 Clever CRO Web Design Tricks7 Clever CRO Web Design Tricks

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