Can I Edit My Own Website? (Yes, You Can)

Can I edit my own website? This is the most frequent question we are asked by new and prospective clients. The answer is yes!

All websites are built on WordPress. We include a license for Elementor Pro – the best page builder for WordPress available. This allows you to visually edit the pages on your website making editing your own website easier and faster.

Video Transcript

[00:00] – Stu Hill
Can I edit my own website? Is possibly the most common question I’m asked on every new client call. The simple answer is yes. We use a simple editor, which allows you to make changes to your websites, in real time, in a visual format. If you log into your website, it’ll drop you at the dashboard. I’m using an example site here. You can simply click on the link here to visit your website and it’ll bring you back to the home page.

[00:30] – Stu Hill
Difference being, there’s a black bar at the top. You can navigate to the page that you want to edit. And, at the top of the page, click the Edit With Elementor button. That’s going to bring up an exact version of the page, as you see it. Right here, and this allows you to edit the page so I can simply, if I’m going to add another agent, let’s say here, right click, and duplicate this contact card.

[01:05] – Stu Hill
I can move him into another column. And then if I want to change the image. I can select a new image I can put. New name. I can change the phone number and then a bottom, we’ve got a link to the agent’s page so I can change out this to Jamie, and I can put a link to her profile page in there. You can move these around as well, let’s say if you wanted three columns, for example, we can just delete one of these out.

[01:58] – Stu Hill
Then it will make it nice and balanced. Once you’re done, you can click update, or preview the changes, to make sure that right, prior to making them live on your website. And you’ll see we’ve gone from the two agents that we have before, into now, the three agents, that you’ve just added.

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