The Best Real Estate Marketing Companies of 2022

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Looking to power up your real estate marketing? Here are the best real estate marketing companies that can help solve your most pressing marketing challenges with efficient, outsourced solutions.

Whether you need a comprehensive, enterprise-wide strategy or simply some focused attention paid to your real estate social media marketing, video content, or print marketing, we’ll help you pinpoint the right real estate marketing company to meet your specific needs and goals. Here are our top picks.

Best Real Estate Marketing Companies

Marketing CompanyPrices FromBest For
Artur’In$199 / monthAn all-encompassing digital marketing service, including social, email, blogging, newsletters, and more
Coffee & Contracts$54 / monthThe tools, templates, and guidance you need to crush your social media marketing
AnimotoFree plan available, paid plans start at $15 / monthReal estate video creation, including a user-friendly drag-and-drop video editor
Parkbench$3,000 / yearA tool for picking up more high-quality referrals from your local community
CHEM.digitalà la carteFull-service Real Estate Marketing Agency. Services include real estate web design, Lead Generation, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, CRM, Analytics.

Best Real Estate Marketing Company: Artur’In

Arturin Logo

Why Artur’In Made Our List: Hiring Artur’In is like hiring a full-blown digital marketing manager for your real estate business. They cover your entire digital presence, including social media, your website’s search engine visibility, online reviews, and paid media like Facebook and Google ads. They even offer content creation for your newsletter, your blog, and posts to the social media networks where your clients, prospects, and community are active.

Artur’In Pricing & Services at a Glance

  • Basic ($199 / month): The Basic plan includes crafting and posting weekly social media content, a monthly newsletter and blog, management of your Google My Business page, and various other perks, including reputation management and access to the Artur’In analytics dashboard.
  • Standard ($299 / month): With the Standard package, you get all the perks of the Basic package, plus you unlock access to the Boost’ln product, which is the Artur’In lead generation suite. Boost’ln develops, implements, and manages paid media campaigns, allowing you to grow your reach beyond your known contacts and sphere of influence.
  • Premium ($399 / month): With the Premium option, you get everything from the Basic and Standard packages plus monthly professional photo and video shoots to use for yourself, your clients, or your listings.

Examples of Artur’In Work

Examples of actual social media by Artur’in
Examples of actual social media generated by Artur’In on behalf of real estate clients.

Is Artur’In Right for Your Business?

If you’re looking for an end-to-end solution, Artur’In is a strong first choice. No other provider on our list offers as many services across the spectrum of real estate marketing. For agents who don’t have time to create and manage their own marketing strategy, Artur’In is the solution.

Best Real Estate Social Media Marketing Company: Coffee & Contracts

Coffee & Contracts Logo

Why Coffee & Contracts Made Our List: Coffee & Contracts (C&C) is a real estate marketing company that provides a comprehensive roadmap to real estate social media success (and the tools to get you there).

We’re drawn to this company and its approach because all the tools, resources, templates, and strategies from Coffee & Contracts feel like they were developed by Realtors instead of by academic marketers with no real estate experience.

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C&C is an intuitive experience for real estate pros because Haley Ingram, founder of Coffee & Contracts, was a licensed Realtor in the state of Florida. She got big returns on her investment in high-quality social media and realized through conversations with colleagues that her fellow agents struggled with social content and overall strategy. So, she shifted focus and began training other agents. She’s taken her proven formula for success and translated it into what is now Coffee & Contracts.

Coffee & Contracts doesn’t execute your social media marketing for you. Instead, it gives you the tools, templates, content calendars, and savvy strategy to guide you to do it with excellence.

Coffee & Contracts Pricing & Services at a Glance

Access to the Coffee & Contracts dashboard requires a membership. At just $54 / month or $480 / year, you’ll gain access to valuable tools like:

  • Content calendars and social media strategies for all the major platforms
  • Post templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more
  • Video templates for Instagram Stories, Facebook Reels, TikTok, YouTube, and more
  • A searchable database of content by type (e.g., social content about celebrating a recently closed sale)
  • A large collection of marketing collateral like open house flyers, buyer or seller checklists, and more

Examples of Coffee & Contracts Work

Coffee & Contracts - example 1
Coffee & Contracts - example 3

Is Coffee & Contracts Right for Your Business?

If you’ve got the time and motivation, but lack the experience and inspiration, Coffee & Contracts is a real estate marketing company that’s going to take your social media to the next level.

With an impressive collection of post templates, content calendars, strategy guides, and platform best practices available to members, Coffee & Contracts users will never find themselves saying “I don’t know what to post on social media.”

Best Real Estate Marketing Company for Video Content: Animoto

Animoto Logo

Why Animoto Made Our List: Animoto is a marketing company that specializes in easy-to-create, versatile, and effective real estate video content you can use to market your business. While they aren’t a real estate-specific company, an entire vertical of their business is dedicated to real estate professionals and their needs.

Animoto knows most agents aren’t video experts, so they provide the tools you need, like video templates, stock footage, and a super-easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor that will help you distribute your video content to YouTube and other social media sites, to your website, or anywhere else you want it to display, in a matter of minutes.

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Animoto Pricing & Services at a Glance

  • Free: Animoto offers a free plan that includes access to a library of 50 free music tracks, three available fonts, and a limited color palette. All videos made on the Animoto Free plan will include Animoto branding and logos, and have a maximum resolution of 720p.
  • Professional ($15 / month): All the standard features, plus the ability to replace Animoto’s branding with your own logo watermark and brand colors, and access more than 40 professional fonts, 3,000 licensed music tracks, a stock photo and video library, and a 1080p resolution option.
  • Professional Plus ($39 / month): All the features from the Free and Professional options, plus accounts for up to three users, the ability to license your content to sell to third parties, and a 30-minute consultation with a video expert. You’ll also gain major customization options, like the ability to upload your own fonts, plus access to a staggeringly large stock library from Getty Images that boasts 100 million-plus digital assets.
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Note: We omitted an $8 per month Animoto plan called “Basic” because its features don’t seem worth the money based on the unique needs of real estate professionals. If you’re going to upgrade to a paid Animoto account, the “Professional” or “Professional Plus” is the way to go.

Example of Animoto Work

A real estate listing video example template from Animoto

Is Animoto Right for Your Business?

If you’re not using video to market yourself, your listings, and your business, you’re missing out. Animoto makes it easy to turn video footage from just about any device into a useful marketing asset. They provide an easy-to-use editor to piece your content together, and simplify the process of finalizing, downloading, and sharing your content. Plus, they’ve got all the templates and strategy guides you’ll need to make great real estate content, even if you don’t know where to get started.

If your marketing strategy is missing consistent video content, you should give Animoto a try.

Best Real Estate Marketing Company for Real Estate Referrals: Parkbench

Parkbench Logo

Why Parkbench Made Our List: Parkbench provides a specialized tool that makes generating real estate referrals easier. Their formula is simple: Create a hyperlocal website that serves as a central hub for a geographic area you’re targeting, then create specialized content (like interviews with local business owners) that will drive traffic from the local community (generating leads for you). Parkbench will make you the go-to realtor for anyone you feature, exploding your referral base.

Creating a website from scratch would be a lot of work, but with Parkbench, all the hard work is done for you. Their smart algorithm automatically pulls local news stories, events, and even deals from local restaurants for you. All you have to do is create the specialized neighborhood content that your readers are looking for (and they’ll even help with that too).

Parkbench Pricing & Services at a Glance

Prices for Parkbench websites start at $3,000 a year and vary slightly by community size. While the Parkbench website doesn’t have a tool to generate cost estimates for specific communities, this information is available from the Parkbench sales team when you call them on the phone.

Real estate marketing services provided by Parkbench include:

  • Hyperlocal website: The foundation of the Parkbench platform is their website, a place real estate agents establish as a hub for those in the communities they’re farming. Because Parkbench only allows a single realtor per neighborhood, you can be assured that your hyperlocal website will be the only one of its kind.
  • Auto-populated local news: To keep the maintenance and effort as low as possible, Parkbench has developed an algorithm that scans local news for relevant stories, events, and even deals that your audience might be interested in.
  • Dedicated success coaches: Parkbench knows they’ve got a relatively specialized product, so to make sure everyone’s getting the most out of it, they provide each subscriber with a coach to answer questions and provide regular guidance.
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Example of Parkbench Work

Parkbench Greeley CO website
An actual Parkbench website, active in Greeley, CO

Is Parkbench Right for Your Business?

If you’re active in the real estate farming game, you know that the more specialized content you can get for the area you’re targeting, the better. A Parkbench website provides another point of contact to market to your audience and increases your authority as the local real estate expert.

This tool definitely requires some work. A Parkbench website that isn’t actively maintained with new content at least monthly (if not weekly) is likely to underperform. But, if you’re ready to take your farm from a 5% to a 15% conversion rate, or you’re getting ready to start farming a particular area and want to jump in with both feet, a Parkbench website is a fantastic tool to use.

Visit Parkbench

Best Real Estate Marketing Company for Lead Generation: is a real estate marketing agency whose primary focus is to generate leads for real estate agents. designs custom workdpress IDX-connected websites, complete with lead capture-optimized landing pages. By running ads on social media platforms and using Google to drive traffic to your site through both Real Estate PPC and Real Estate SEO, focuses on getting as many leads into your real estate customer relationship manager (CRM) as possible, at the most cost effective price possible. isn’t the Swiss Army knife platform of real estate marketing software. We don’t offer DIY tools for you to run your own marketing. They do, however, generate leads really well. We provide real estate agents with the opportunities they need to start a lead on a nurturing journey that will ultimately end at the closing table. Pricing & Services at a Glance’s marketing service prices start at $299 a month for an IDX website and lead-generating home valuation landing pages. This also includes access to their robust CRM (a great way to manage the leads you’ll collect on your website), email marketing, SMS text autoresponder, and more.

CHEM.dgitial also offers specific marketing services to help generate traffic to your IDX Real Estate Website and landing pages, including:

  • Google PPC advertising: $249 / month + ad spend
  • Facebook advertising: $249 / month + ad spend

Example of Work

Is Right for Your Business? is an ideal partner for real estate agents who are ready to scale their business and take their numbers to t he next level.

If you’re looking for a full-service real estate marketing company that is going to drive traffic to your lead-generating website with targeted campaigns across all the major ad platforms, you should absolutely get in touch!

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