Best Real Estate Blogs For Agents To Read in 2021

best real estate blogs for agents to read

I scour a number of real estate blogs every day looking for trending topics, and unique marketing ideas, to share with our clients and readership. In this blog article, I’ve compiled a list of real estate blogs every agent should scan through regularly for fresh ideas.

Best Blogs For Real Estate Agents To Read In 2021:

Tom Ferry’s Blog

best real estate blogs every agent should read: Tom Ferry’s Blog

Editor/Founder: Tom Ferry

What It Offers: America’s premier real estate coach brings Gary Vaynerchuck-levels of hype to helping real estate agents break out of sales ruts, learn new lead gen techniques, and stay inspired. Like Gary, Ferry is best taken in on video, but luckily his blog includes video along with traditional blog posts. Also, can you copy and paste scripts from a video?

Who should read it: All agents

Ryan Serhant’s Blog

best real estate blogs every agent should read: Ryan Serhant’s Blog

What It Offers: Over the past few years, Ryan Serhant has come into his own as an agent and real estate influencer. These days, in between closing eight-figure deals, Ryan is launching a new brokerage, writing best-selling books, and dishing out actionable advice on his blog.

Who should read it: New or struggling agents

Notorious R.O.B

best real estate blogs every agent should read: Notorious R.O.B

Editor/Founder: Rob Hahn

What It Offers: If you want the 30,000-foot view of anything, you’re going to have to listen to people who cruise up there on the regular. You know, the iconoclasts, the firebrands, or the people who have such a wide yet oddly specific knowledge base that they see things most people miss.

Or, in the world of real estate, things people are afraid to say because they don’t want to make the big kids angry. The Notorious R.O.B. ticks all those boxes and then some. Necessary reading for anyone who wants the big picture.

Who should read it: Brokers, investors, tech leaders, and other real estate big-wigs

Lab Coat Agents

best real estate blogs every agent should read: Lab Coat Agents

Editor/Founder: Tristan Ahumada & Nick Baldwin

Why we love it: Started as a Facebook mastermind group by Tristan Ahumada and Nick Baldwin, Lab Coat Agents (LCA) has grown into an online real estate powerhouse over the past few years. In addition to the blog, they have a great podcast that has featured luminaries outside the industry like Gary Vaynerchuck, and even seminars and coaching.

Back to the blog though, as plenty of great real estate coaches and mastermind groups have mediocre blogs. We love the LCA blog because they give quick hits that give you just enough insight to pique your interest and start digging deeper. For example, they’ll give you one killer script instead of 25 killer scripts. Don’t worry though—LCA dives deep on their podcast.

What It Offers: Agents, brokers, and team leaders looking to up their game in 2021

Peter Lorimer’s Blog + Magic Minutes

best real estate blogs every agent should read: Peter Lorimer’s Blog

Editor/Founder: Peter Lorimer

What It Offers: Like LCA, with his Magic Minute series, Peter Lorimer manages to cut through the noise and just gives agents just what they need to know and nothing more. Lorimer gives tips on getting the most from social media, negotiation strategies, how to build a brand, and much more.

If you only have a minute and want maximum learning value for your time, then the Magic Minute is for you.

Who should read it: Agents looking to close better or break into the luxury market


best real estate blogs every agent should read: HousingWire Blog

What It Offers: If you want to actually have a lasting career in real estate, it’s crucial to understand that your clients and former clients will look to YOU as a market expert. That means keeping up to date with the latest news in the industry. One way to do that, of course, is by reading real estate blogs. How can you possibly accurately predict trends for your buyers and sellers if you don’t watch the market and the dizzying number of factors that can affect it?

Who should read it: Anyone who wants to actually last as a real estate agent

1000Watt Blog

best real estate blogs every agent should read: 1000Watt Blog

What It Offers: Blogs from branding agencies are always a pleasure to read because they (almost) always get right to the point. After all, they spend their days trying to distill complex ideas into simple, compelling copy for brands. No easy task.

Who should read it: Anyone who wants to think a little more strategically about their branding and marketing

Mansion Global

best real estate blogs every agent should read: Mansion Global

Editor/Founder: Mae Cheng

What It Offers: Unlike, say, the Page Sixes and Gawker’s (RIP) of the internet, people who focus on real estate, even eye-popping celebrity real estate, need to offer a bit more than just the lurid pictures.

With the editorial chops from Cheng and the gravitas of the Wall Street Journal, Mansion Global doesn’t just do pretty pictures. They offer insight into market trends, architectural history, and what it means to buy, sell, or live in a true luxury property.

Who should read it: Anyone who loves gawking at beautiful homes and catching up on real estate gossip and intrigue


best real estate blogs every agent should read: Inman Blog

Editor/Founder: Brad Inman

What It Offers: Inman is THE place to go for industry news, National Association of Realtors (NAR) drama, and 30,000-foot insight from some of the biggest names in the business.

So why isn’t it number one on our list of best real estate blogs for 2021?

Don’t get us wrong, we still read Inman every morning and will continue to do so, but there is just so much to digest every day that it can be a bit overwhelming for busy agents, especially new agents working on the basics.

Who should read it: Brokers, investors, tech leaders, startup founders, and ambitious agents

Geek Estate

best real estate blogs 2021 Geek Estate Blog

Editor/Founder: Michael Price

Why we love it: Of course, if you’re going to go on a deep dive, you need to jump in head first. Geek Estate manages to parse the nitty-gritty of the real estate tech world in a way that you never thought you’d want to read.

If you need to be in the know for your job, then Geek Estate is a no-brainer. If you’re just curious, you’re going to learn a ton. They also have an invite-only mastermind group that features some of the heaviest hitters in the real estate tech space. Not for newbies!

What It Offers: Agents, brokers, team leaders, and general real estate (RE) tech geeks


best real estate blogs 2021  Curbed website

What It Offers: Knowing the market inside and out is only half the knowledge battle of becoming a great agent. You also have to become a hyper-local expert. In 2021, this is a non-negotiable. Your Instagram posts about mortgage rates aren’t exactly going to go viral. Instead, you need to post about the best new restaurants, local politics (be careful with this), and general gossip and news about your city. If you’re lucky enough to work in one of the cities they cover, then Curbed needs to be your morning go-to for social media content.

Who should read it: Agents who want to build a strong local social media following

Corcoran Inhabit

best real estate blogs 2021 Corcoran Inhabit Blog site

Editor/Founder: The Corcoran Group

What It Offers:Billed as a lifestyle blog, Corcoran’s recently launched Inhabit reads and looks more like a glossy, thick luxury lifestyle magazine like Wallpaper or Frieze than the blog for a real estate brokerage.

A word of warning: Of all the real estate blogs we’ve shared, this one will make you wish you had deeper pockets and endless vacation days. But if you’re trying to create a luxury lifestyle blog for your team or brokerage, this should be your template.

Who should read it: Agents who want to get inspired by beautiful places, people, and things

Brick Underground

best real estate blogs 2021 Brick Underground Blog site

Editor/Founder: Teri Karush Rogers

Why we love it: When it comes to New York City real estate blogs, lots of people tend to think the sun revolves around Curbed’s New York-centric section of their now national real estate blog empire. If you’re one of these people, you’re missing out.

Brick Underground offers battle-weary New York City agents some respite from the fray, and offers renters, buyers, and the insatiably curious a glimpse behind the curtain of New York City real estate.

Brick Underground writes articles for and about New York City’s frazzled and fabulous agents, offering tips, tricks, and best of all, empathy. They also include hot takes for buyers and sellers, jaw-dropping listings, market news, and more.


best real estate blogs 2021 6SQFT website

Editor/Founder: Dana Schulz

Why we love it: Finding the truly amazing properties that come on the market isn’t quite as easy as you might think. Yes, you need great taste and preferably an inside pipeline to some titan of the universe-level brokers, but more than that, you need to, well, look at a ton of real estate.

6SQFT must scour every listing on earth every morning because they always seem to find the most amazing, most unique, and most envy-inducing listings on the planet.

Even better, they don’t just write about nine-figure palaces or compounds the size of small towns. They also have a feature where they get people to let them take pictures of cool homes that you might actually get to live in someday.

Elliman Insider

best real estate blogs 2021 Elliman Insider website

Editor/Founder: Elliman Editors

Why we love it: While pretty much every brokerage these days has a blog, Elliman manages to stand out from the crowd with articles that people actually want to read. Focusing primarily on their largest markets in New York City, California, Colorado, and Connecticut, Insider has features on awe-inspiring luxury real estate, as well as well written instructional and local color articles covering everything from renting an apartment to neighborhood playgrounds.

The Real Deal

best real estate blogs 2021 The Real Deal website

Editor/Founder: Amir Korangy

Why we love it: When it comes to inside-track real estate journalism, the Real Deal is well, the real deal. They’ll get real estate scoops before even the massive papers do. They also tend to write in a crisp and easy-to-digest style that gives CEOs around the world the information they need to make that next giant acquisition or just have something to chat about over lunch with industry insiders.

BombBomb Blog

best real estate blogs 2021 BombBomb Blog

Editor/Founder: Conor McCluskey

What It Offers: BombBomb’s blog gives new and experienced agents alike the skills and information they need to stay ahead in their markets. As you might imagine, much of the topics covered by the BombBomb blog are related to their bread and butter—communicating and marketing to customers with video. If you’re at all interested in video, then you owe it to yourself to check out BombBomb’s blog.

Sotheby’s International: Extraordinary Living

best real estate blogs 2021 Sotheby’s International website

Editor/Founder: Philip A. White, Jr.

What It Offers: It’s one thing to make me desperately jealous and get me wondering how many lunches I’d need to skip to be able to justify a $10 million mansion in Buenos Aires (all of them for 1,000 years), Sotheby’s International Extraordinary Living gives agents and the merely luxury-obsessed gorgeous photos and write-ups of jaw-dropping homes all over the world.

Hilton & Hyland: Luxury Real Estate News

best real estate blogs 2021 Hilton & Hyland real estate website

Editor/Founder: Hilton & Hyland

What It Offers: While there are a ton of luxury Beverly Hills real estate blogs out there, Hilton & Hyland seems to offer a perfect balance for gawking at ultra-luxury mega-mansions, and actually interesting developments in the luxury real estate industry in LA. Mandatory reading for LA agents or anyone who wants to become one.

Bill Gasset’s Max Real Estate Exposure Blog

best real estate blogs 2021 Bill Gasset’s Max Real Estate Exposure Blog

Editor/Founder: Bill Gasset

What It Offers: One of the dominant forces of online real estate marketing in 2021, Bill Gasset is seemingly everywhere these days. If you scroll through Pinterest, you’re bound to see at least a handful of his extremely well-done buyer and seller educational articles.

His blog has all that and more. If you need some inspiration for great articles from real estate agents, this should be your first stop.

Who should read it: Agents who want content for social media

Editor/Founder: Stu Hill

What It Offers: We didn’t get to a subscriber base of over 100,000 by being modest

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