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The growth of your real estate business means more engagement and increased sales. However, to achieve your goals, you’ll need to optimize your marketing campaigns. Testing and analytics are key to growth and improvement. In this blog I will guide you through how to run A/B Testing for Real Estate Websites.

WordPress A/B testing plugins make it easier for you to run experiments on your website. These tools can pinpoint ways to improve your traffic and conversions. With more data, you can make the right decisions for your business. 

A/B Testing for Real Estate Websites: Start your growth strategy today.

1. Simple Page Tester

G2Crowd reports that “60 percent of companies believe A/B testing is highly valuable for conversion rate optimization.” A/B testing is an effective way to optimize your business systems. 

Simple Page Tester simplifies the set up for split tests. It’s an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for beginners because it requires no coding. Plus, you don’t have to worry about tests affecting your SEO rankings. The tool creators follow strict guidelines and recommendations from the Google Webmaster.

simple page tester ab testing plugin for wordpress

You also can track unique visitors to each variation in your split test. To get even more value, try the premium version of the plugin. It comes with in-built conversion tracking and automatic statistical confidence calculations. With an easy onboarding process, you will be testing in just a few minutes.

2. Thrive Headline Optimizer

A/B testing isn’t a new invention, but it is necessary for the success of your small business. A/B testing is the single best way to know precisely what your customers are looking for—and what gets them to convert—instead of just making a random guess.

Content is a major part of marketing, and a great headline can determine whether you get lots of traffic or none. With Thrive Headline Optimizer, you can learn what content headlines grab your visitors’ attention and keep them engaged. 

thrive headline optimizer ab testing plugin for wordpress

This WordPress plugin for A/B testing uses tests to track click-throughs on your blog pages. Then, you can use these metrics to lower your bounce rate.

3. Google Optimize

Small businesses operate on tight budgets. So, you don’t have money to invest in complex tools. The good news is you don’t have to lose your entire marketing spend on A/B testing.

Google Optimize is a free A/B testing plugin for WordPress. It offers a native integration with Google Analytics to identify site improvements. It’s built for novice and expert marketers. 

The visual editor makes it easy to change text and images, and the JavaScript code editor is powerful enough for advanced experiments. You also can test multiple versions of the same web page, test multiple elements on a page, and test separate pages against each other. 

A/B Testing for Real Estate Websites: Google is a major brand in the industry. So, there’s no shortage of documents to guide you if you ever need help.

Google optimize A/B testing tool

4. Calls to Action

Traffic is the first step in the sales process. If you want to transform visitors into leads, your small business must boost your conversions. Calls to action (CTAs) play a pivotal role in the customer journey. 

From buttons to images to text links, CTAs can take several formats. That’s why you need to know what works best for your audience. CTA buttons should be noticeable, personable, and irresistibly clickable. 

But what’s the perfect CTA? The only way to find out is through A/B testing. The WordPress Calls to Action plugin adds CTAs to your site and tests the conversion rates. It’s specifically designed to convert more leads on your site.

wordpress calls to action plugin

5. Split Hero

Kickstart your A/B testing with Split Hero. This WordPress plugin gives you the option to create up to four different variations of a page. This company believes in the simplicity of platforms. It equips businesses with the right features to deliver effective A/B test campaigns. 

Split Hero can be used within your WordPress editor or a page builder. Just connect the plugin to your site, fill in the campaign details, and start your testing. At the completion of each campaign, you’ll see which version engaged your audience the most. If you’re limited on time, SplitHero is an efficient choice. You’ll get less frustration with reliable testing.

split hero ab testing wordpress plugin

6. AB Press Optimizer

As a small business, A/B testing can feel intimidating. But if you venture back to high school science class, you’ll quickly understand that the goal is to test your hypotheses. Maxim Grozny, a UX/UI designer, elaborates:

“To improve the performance of the site, you first need to test the hypotheses regarding the elements that affect the conversion. These include calls to action, buttons, forms, and images. But before you begin the test, consider whether you really need it and whether you have everything to implement it.”

With a few inputs, AB Press Optimizer is a quick set up without the worry of multiple passwords. It integrates into WordPress to increase your conversions and sales. You can create as many experiments as you want and get real-time results.

ab press optimizer plugin for wordpress

7.  SEO A/B Split Testing

Ready to enhance your content marketing efforts? 

If so, you’re probably searching for the right SEO keywords to add to your content. SEO A/B Split Testing is what your small business needs. 

This plugin optimizes your blog posts’ headlines, title tags, and meta descriptions. Through SEO experiments, it helps you identify new variations of your content. This tool will boost your Google rankings, leading to more site traffic. 

seo ab split testing plugin for wordpress

SEO A/B Split Testing is a proactive plugin. Before executing a costly content campaign, you can test the impact of making other inexpensive changes, like updating specific pages.

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