What Is A Real Estate ISA?

A Real Estate ISA is an Inside Sales Agent. The Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA) model is a popular way to structure a team for lead follow-up. The Inside Sales Agent goes by many names. From phone animals to call crushers, whatever you call them, they play a key...

Use A Real Estate CRM To Gain Competative Advantages

Anything they can do, you can do better, with your Real Estate CRM system (customer relationship management) & Real Estate CRM tools. Using A Real Estate CRM Can Gain You Many Competative Advatage There are several types of real estate agents in real estate busines. If you’re in a populated...

Real Estate CRM Features

A solid Real Estate CRM with all of the features you need to operate should be at the heart of your real estate business. Here are the Real Estate CRM features you should look for. Real Estate Agent & Brokers across everywherer are reflecting internally on their business and asking...

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